September 2012

Woodburn Homes Civic Association Newsletter  September 2012


YAY!!  It’s Time for the Annual Summer Picnic – All Invited!

Everyone is invited to the annual Summer picnic!  Always fun always delicious!

Saturday —September 8th at 5:00 PM  

Picnic will take place in the cul-de-sac at the end of Beverly Drive 

Bring the whole family, but no pets please.

WHCA will provide hot dogs and hamburgers and soft drinks for all. 


• Side dish or dessert to share 

• Other beverages, if you prefer 

• $5 fee per family if you have not joined WHCA in 2012 or $15 annual dues may be paid for at this event 

• Chairs 

• Should you have a card or folding table we could borrow, please let Kristin know.

Please RSVP by September 6th at or to Kristin Haynes at 703-698-5484

Results of Neighborhood Traffic Calming Study

Last year, in response to concerns about speeding in our neighborhood, the Association worked with Supervisor Linda Smyth of Providence District and with the Fairfax County Department of Transportation to request a traffic calming study of our streets.

The study was conducted on November 9, 2011, by the Fairfax County Department of Transportation.  Results were provided this summer.

The 2011 study found that there is speeding in our neighborhood.  At least fifteen percent of the drivers exceeded the speed limit on the day of the traffic study, many by significant amounts.  Most critical was the finding that 15 percent of drivers on Beverly Road and Hayden Lane were driving at least 12 miles an hour over the speed limit.

A summary of the results is below:


The County does not impose traffic calming measures until both of the following two conditions are met:

1.  Volume exceeds 600 drivers per day, and

2.  Average speed is at least 5 mph over the posted limit (e.g. 30 mph in a 25 mph zone) or, 85th percentile speed is at least 10 mph over the posted limit (e.g., 35 mph in a 25 mph zone.)

While the speeding threshold was surpassed on both Hayden and Beverly, the volume of drivers was not high enough to institute traffic calming measures.

Next Steps.  We have asked that the County to repeat the study this fall.  If the requirements are met as a result of the re-evaluation, the county will work with the community to design a traffic calming plan.

If anyone wants a copy of the entire report, please email Carol at

Ideas for Social Events?  Neighborhood Get Togethers?

Please contact Kristin Haynes with any questions or to volunteer to host a social event at .  Our new “Upcoming Event” signs will remind you to check our website for RSVP and updated information for these socials.

National Night Out

Perhaps you saw several neighbors strolling the neighborhood during the evening of August 7.  We were recognizing the National Night Out event, which is designed to help:

•Heighten crime and drug prevention awareness;

•Generate support for, and participation in, local anticrime programs;

•Strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships; and

•Send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back…

Keep this event in mind for next year!


Letter from Camelot School Principal

Dear Community, 

As Camelot’s new principal, I have had a busy summer meeting staff members, a few students and parents, and learning my way around the building.  The Camelot staff is wonderful, and as you know, we have a beautiful school site tucked away in the neighborhood.   This is my twenty-first year in Fairfax County Public Schools and my eighteenth year in the Falls Church Pyramid, so I am well acquainted with the work that has made Camelot a great place for staff and students.  I look forward to meeting many more families and to partnering to provide an excellent education for our students. 

This summer Camelot was a busy place.  (You may have noticed the school buses coming and going all summer!)  For four weeks, Camelot was a host site for an FCPS Extended School Year program.  For two weeks, we had approximately forty rising first through sixth grade Camelot students working to get a “Jump Start” on the school year.  For three weeks we had approximately twenty of Camelot’s Young Scholars working to hone their critical thinking skills to prepare for the new year.   In addition to these programs, selected students met with our reading teachers a few times to pick up new summer reading materials.

Since school report cards are released in the fall of each year, I wanted to briefly update you about a change in the way that school achievement will be reported.  In late June, the Commonwealth of Virginia joined 32 other states in a two-year waiver granted by the US Department of Education for accountability under the No Child Left Behind (Elementary and Secondary Education Act).  As part of this waiver, Virginia has replaced Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) targets with new Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs).  (So for those of you who like to keep up with our acronyms, we will be talking about AMO rather than AYP for the next two years!)  Under the waiver, the Commonwealth has chosen to focus on raising achievement in the lowest-performing schools while allowing higher-achieving schools to set their own targets.  The bottom line for Camelot is this:  We are fully accredited by Virginia.  We were on target to meet the AYP requirements, but are now well above Virginia’s AMO rates for this year.  Therefore, we have examined our data and have set new goals for ourselves in the area of math.  Given the new rigor of the math curriculum, we will focus on critical and creative thinking and problem solving.  

I look forward to sharing more Camelot ES news with you in the coming months!


Aileen Flaherty,  Principal, Camelot Elementary School

Other School News by Kristin Haynes

– New seats were installed in the Falls Church High School auditorium.

– The promised bathroom updates to FCHS, Herndon and Oakton (legacy schools) will now take place next summer as they will go out to bid in December.

– The School Board will vote on whether to approve Fairfax County’s first charter school on October 25th.  Many FCHS parents have voiced strong opposition to the location of this school proposed at the old Graham Road Elementary School site.

– FCHS will again offer discounted memberships to BJ’s Wholesale Club this fall.  Please check the website in September:

– FCHS Fall sports schedules are available at:

Reviews of films:  I AM and HAPPY

by Karen Skelton

Allow me to share with you my impressions of two inspiring films that were produced last year that you probably did not see at any major movie theaters.  These independent films are connected by subject matter as well as by the involvement of Tom Shadyac (writer and director of many comedy films such as Bruce Almighty, Liar Liar, The Nutty Professor, etc):  while working as executive producer for HAPPY, Shadyac decided to make his own documentary called I AM, which started out as his own quest for happiness that turned into an exploration of connectedness and ways to change the world.  These films offer great insight on human nature and finding our place in the world and what it means to be happy.

When Tom Shadyac began making his documentary I AM, he was looking for answers to two profound questions:  “What’s wrong with the world?” and “What can we do about it?”  What he came to realize during the filming was “What is right with the world” and “What we can do to have more of it.”  Shadyac came to understand that, at the core of our existence, there is a genetic capability — a need even —  to collaborate and to love one another.  Among other things, he explains how quantum physics is showing us what the mystics and sages have long preached:  that we are as much a part of the non-physical realm as well, and it is here that we share our connection with everyone and everything.  As he puts it, “We are connected, and we need to get back to acting like it.”

The writer and director of HAPPY, Roko Belic, spent years traveling the world, interviewing and filming people to help him understand our human nature.  He sums it up best with this:  “The greatest lesson I learned while making this film is that my pursuit of happiness is not about me.  It’s about our relationships and how we help each other.  It’s about us.”  He explores five categories of traits that happy people share:

1. A Sense of Friendship and Community

2. Caring and Doing for Others

3. A Personal Involvement with Nature

4. A Balanced Life, with Plenty of Leisure Time

5. Engaging in Activities that One Finds Enjoyable

This last one is often called ‘Flow’ and is basically doing what you most want to do while experiencing the timelessness of ‘Being in the Now Moment.’

If you are interested in seeing one or both of these meaningful movies, please contact Karen Skelton or Loretta Rowe.  If there is enough interest, we’ll see about setting up a screening for our neighborhood so that we can share these insights with our local community.  After all, A Sense of Friendship and Community is the number one trait of happy people; so let’s be happy together!

Karen can be reached at and at 703.204.0251.

Loretta can be reached at and at 703.560.5831.

Reminder – The 39th Annual Slavic American Festival

Sunday, September 9th

12 Noon til’ 6:30 P.M.

Epiphany of Our Lord Byzantine Catholic Church

3410 Woodburn Road • Annandale, VA • (703) 573–3986


  • Music byJoe Shelko and his Band
  • Traditional Slavic Food: Holupki • Potato Pancakes • Kolbasi • Haluski • Pirohi

• Religious & Folk Art Sale • Raffles & Bingo

• Children’s Events

• Slava Men’s Chorus (1:30 P.M.)

• Handmade Slavic Crafts

• Bake Sale

• Huge Rummage Sale

• Tour the Newest Catholic Church: 12:30, 2:30, 3:30 and 4:30 P.M.

Featuring traditional Slavic foods:

Thoughts on the Derecho and Our Neighborhood by Alan Mathias

Friday night, June 29, the Derecho came roaring through our neighborhood, blowing down trees and knocking out our power for a few days, leaving us complaining about our electricity (no coffee in the morning, no A.C.), clean up and food spoiling, etc. So for the next few days (and weeks maybe) we pulled together, neighbor helping neighbor to get through the trying situation. And of course, things soon returned to normal….whatever normal is.

And of course these events have an effect on the birds, forest critters and pond life that we might not ever think about. So I took my meat that had thawed and food that I wasn’t sure about and started leaving it out in various places to help our animal friends through hard times….We now have meat eating fish, frogs and turtles in the Eakin Park pond, so beware. My ice cream (3 half-gallon containers…sob) I refroze and then on three different nights set one out in my yard; and each time it was licked clean in the morning. I think we might have a fox with a sweet tooth. I just hate to throw away food without giving something an opportunity to eat it….now a month and a half later, it’s been so dry that everything looks parched.

I didn’t dig a vegetable garden this year, so I almost feel smug about it, except the prices for vegetables have gone up. Even Master Gardener Ernie told me his garden is terrible this year…he said Judd is bringing him tomatoes. Soon, summer will be gone and back to the winter menu.  On the trail, I haven’t had any unusual sightings but I have seen an Orchard Oriole, rose-breasted Grosbeak and a Scarlet Tanager and a few nice Warblers. (On Monday morning our bird walks continue and any and everybody is welcome to join us at 7 a.m. at Prosperity Avenue, Eakin Park parking lot. May your summer blessings be abundant. By Alan Mathias


VDOT is testing a new online tool where residents can track VDOT snowplows by computer.  Next time it snows we can track which neighborhoods have been plowed!!

Thank you Loretta Rowe for keeping our WHCA website up to date!

Join or Renew Membership!!!

You can join or renew membership in the Woodburn Homes Civic Association by sending your name, address, email address and phone number, along with your $15.00 per household annual dues, to:

Jeanne Midgett

3413 Beverly Drive, Annandale, VA,  22003-1110

Reminder:  2012 Annual Dues were due in April, 2012.

Make check payable to:   Woodburn Homes Civic Association

Welcoming and Helping Our Neighbors

All WHCA residents please let Ernestine Hall know if you know or hear of new

neighbors or anyone who needs any type of assistance (such as a ride to the doctor, or the grocery store or pharmacy for medication, etc.)  Ernestine will try to help or find a neighborhood volunteer.

Ernestine has been great in organizing assistance!  Thanks Ernestine!

Also, please let Ernestine know if you would be willing to help in such situations. You can email her at:


For Police Emergencies, Call 911 For Non emergencies, call 703-691-2131

Starting a Home Project?     Need Help around the House or Yard?

Want to Pass on A Referral?

WHCA has a Neighborhood Referrals Database!

What better way to help each other than to use the Association to share contractors you recommend.

If you have any recommendations or cautions please send them to anyone on the WHCA Council.  The database will be posted on the WHCA website and will include referrals, etc.

The following have been recommended (or not) by our neighbors.

Please note:  The WHCA does not officially promote or criticize contractors.

Woodburners Chimney Sweep and Repair, LLC (Recommended by Nelson Hall)

8975 Miles Place 

Manassas, Va.  20110 


Phone #571-379-4820 


Ernestine Hall recommends The Capital Discount Fuel Company in Purcellville, Virginia for home heating oil.115 East Main Street, Purcellville, Va.  20132 Telephone 703-978-6400.

Excellent General Contractor (drywall, painting, tile, bathrooms, plumbing, electrical, cabinetry) Alan Schottroffe 540-869-6390 or 540-533-7467.  Recommended by Mark Russell 703-573-1124 and Michael and Loretta Rowe.

Maria Mitchell highly recommends Pier Professional Painting (Bill Pier) who can be reached at: 703-402-2857.  Maria notes he is generally booked far in advance.
Kristin Haynes had her almost 20 year old lawn mower serviced and recommends this company as reasonable and great, quick service:   Branch Grigg Small Engine Service and Repair. Near Woodburn ES.   Mark 703-560-3317.  Also recommended by Michael and Loretta Rowe.

Excellent job of installing heating/air conditioning.  Scott Bailey at Lanark Mechanical703-489-7944.  Recommended by Loretta and Mike Rowe.

Brian’s Home Services for gutter cleaning 703-505-6153.  Recommended by Joyce Mcphee at 703-560-5382.

CertaPro Painters of Arlington (located in Annandale) for house painting.  1-800-462-3782. Recommended by Joyce Mcphee at 703- 560-5382.

Excellent House Cleaning on occasional or routine basis.  Sabina Carrera 703-583-7509.  Recommended by Carol Russell 703- 573-1124.

Quality Electric Services at 703-642-1880.   Recommended by Ed and Betty McCurry. 703-560-2262


Ross Tree Service at  703-583-8733.  Recommended by Ed and Betty McCurry 703-560 2262



> • Babysitting Services.
> Kelly Haynes
> Red Cross Certified Babysitter

> • Pet Sitting Services
> Nicole Haynes
> Pet Sitter


Service & Replacements

Call Scott Bailey at Lanark Mechanical


Email address is:

Website is:

Woodburn Homes Civic Association Meeting

July 30, 2012


The summer meeting, held at Epiphany Byzantine Catholic Church, was called to order at 7:30 pm by Ed McCurry, President.

In addition to the Officers listed below, 15 members attended the meeting.

Officers present were:

President Ed McCurry

Vice President Loretta Rowe

Treasurer Jeanne Midgett

Secretary Carol Russell

Area Representative Kristin Haynes

The President distributed the meeting agenda and made a call for additional agenda items.

The minutes from the April, 2012 meeting were accepted and the President asked for the officers’ reports.  He recognized the new Treasurer, Jeanne Midgett, who reported there is $869.00 in the Treasury.

Ed mentioned that we are converting our savings account to a checking account and we will receive monthly statements from the bank reporting the transactions and balance of our checking account.

Ed McCurry mentioned that the Council had discussed converging the WHCA savings account to a checking account requiring two signatures for transactions — the Treasurer and the President.  He asked for a nomination to approve this decision.  The motion was made, seconded, and passed by all present.

Kristin Haynes, Area Coordinator and Chair of the Social Committee, presented the upcoming events:  National Night Out (NNO) on August 7, to begin at the corner of Hayden and Knox with a possible police visit; and the annual picnic at the cul de sac on Beverly on September 8.  Loretta Rowe and Ed McCurry suggested the NNO walk include the cul de sac on Reedy so as to be more inclusive to our Reedy neighbors.

President McCurry asked Ms. Ernestine Hall if there are any new neighbors or special needs in the neighborhood; she responded that there aren’t any needing new attention.

President McCurry presented the results of the County Traffic Calming Study and distributed a summary of the results, thanking Carol Russell for preparing the summary.  The study showed that while the speeding threshold was surpassed on both Hayden and Beverly, the volume of drivers was not high enough to institute traffic calming measures.  (The summary of the study will be provided in the August newsletter.)

Steven Nider expressed concern that motorists do not obey the STOP sign at the corner of Hayden and Reedy and also mentioned that a one-day study does not provide a full representation of the traffic.

Ed McCurry advised that the Council will request a follow- up study; however, even if there are speeding problems in the neighborhood, additional steps will be required (such as a petition) in order to institute traffic calming measures such as speed humps.

President McCurry advised that Exxon Mobil is scheduled to move from Gallows Road by 2014.  There are rumors that the Department of Homeland Security is interested in the campus and Steven Nider advised that he had heard a Medical School in Virginia may take over the property.  Rob Skelton asked the impact to the neighborhood and Ed replied over 2,000 jobs will be lost with the Exxon Mobil move.

President McCurry brought up the subject of a community project.  The idea would be to extend the sidewalk in front of the Epiphany of our Lord Byzantine Catholic Church on Woodburn Road so pedestrians can walk from Tobin to Hayden on a gravel and mulch sidewalk.  He suggested that we propose the project to the local Boy Scout troop.  Jeanne Midgett asked if Fairfax County would take on such a project;  Ed agreed to ask the County.  Karen Skelton asked if there is a pedestrian light at the corner; Ed replied no.

Ed McCurry also advised that Richard Morris has proposed a neighborhood Lending Library.  These have been successful in other neighborhoods, only requiring a repository, shaped like a mailbox, that would stand in the neighborhood for folks to “take a book, return a book.”

Steven Nider asked when sidewalks and streets get repaved and Ed replied that he learned at the last Providence District Council meeting that there is supposed to be a schedule for repaving.  Nan Bradley asked about potholes; Ed replied there is a VDOT pothole repair telephone line.

There was more discussion of neighborhood potholes as well as the new lights on Beverly and Hayden.  Daniel Pritchard reported on the progress made with new street lights and Ed McCurry thanked him for his efforts in securing the lights.

Ed announced the August 15 deadline for articles for the newsletter.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.  Kristin Haynes provided ice cream for the social hour.