November 2013

Woodburn Homes Civic Association Newsletter  November 2013


by Carol Russell

At the October 28, 2013 WHCA meeting, residents voted to amend the community by-laws to raise the President’s and the Council’s expenditure authority.  The prior by-laws allowed the President to authorize expenditures up to $50.00 per transaction and allowed the Council to authorize up to $100.00 per transaction.

At the July 29, 2013 WHCA meeting, members agreed to provide a more expensive menu at the summer picnic; however upon review of the by-laws, it was determined that the Council did not have the spending authority to do this.

As a result, after a brief discussion at the October meeting, members voted to raise the spending authority to $100.00 per transaction (for the President) and $200.00 (for the Council.)  Expenditures in excess of $200.00 must be approved by a majority vote of members present at a duly convened meeting.

It was also agreed at the October meeting that the Council will present a proposed WHCA annual spending plan at each January meeting, beginning in 2014.


Request Volunteers for


by Anna Fotias

WHCA’s original design was to have Block Captains help deliver the WHCA Newsletter and other fliers with community alerts or announcements of social events, and it was proposed at the October 28, 2013 WHCA meeting to re-establish WHCA Neighborhood Block Captains to help with better distribution of community activity information throughout our neighborhood.  Establishing Block Captains could help us also keep more current in providing WHCA information to new residents and in our learning about any residents who might need assistance.

Volunteers to be WHCA Block Captains are being requested at this time.  Those interested in being Block Captains are asked to contact Kristin Haynes, WHCA Area Representative Coordinator, as soon as possible via her e-mail address: and to indicate specifically which block or blocks of the neighborhood they are interested in servicing.

To help allocate “blocks” or sections of our community for Block Captain volunteers, the following map describes the current Boundaries of the Woodburn Homes Civic Association:


Volunteers to be WHCA Block Captains received to date are:

Carol & Mark Russell – Knox Road

Anna Fotias & Keith Wilkinson – Beverly Dr. Block between Taylor & Hayden

It’s encouraged to have multiple volunteers for the same blocks so that service can be shared and there is ample back-up if one Block Captain is not available. The more volunteers, the merrier we’ll all be! Please volunteer to be a Block Captain and to help our community better communicate with our neighbors.

What is “NOLLI”?

by Mike Rowe

In the August WHCA Newsletter, there was an article with helpful information about the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute  (OLLI) at George Mason University.  I also have attended “NOLLI,” which is my shorthand name for the Lifetime Learning Institute (LLI) of Northern Virginia, sponsored by the Annandale Campus of the Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), and I would like to share information about this excellent multi-faceted resource.

NOLLI, like OLLI, offers low-cost educational opportunities to folks 55 and over.  The offerings include classes on various academic and practical topics, to special interest groups, to group trips and other activities.  The classes range from single sessions, to programs that meet once a week for two to four weeks. These classes are taught by NOVA faculty, as well as invited presenters such as diplomats,  retired professors, and experts from many different fields.  The special interest groups span a wide variety of topics such as French, photography, bridge, travel and other entertaining activities. There also is a monthly open Forum held on the Annandale NOVA campus with invited speakers from business, academia, and government.

NOLLI offers many of the same types of programs as OLLI (sometimes the same classes by the same presenters) and, in relation to WHCA, is conveniently located almost just across the street.  Classes or activities not held at the NOVA Annandale campus itself are in local churches, or a bit farther afield in retirement homes and community centers.

A full year’s tuition at NOLLI is $110. Parking at the NOVA Annandale Campus is $2.00 per hour, but there is no parking fee at any of the other locations.

Check out NOLLI’s website at, and maybe we will meet up in one of NOLLI’s stimulating classes!


Social Committee News by Kristin Haynes

Please contact Kristin Haynes at if you have any ideas for new neighborhood social events or to volunteer to host any social event.


Ann and Jeff Hawkins are graciously hosting this year’s annual, adult WHCA Holiday Party at their home located at 8420 Hayden Lane. The party is on Saturday, December 7, at 7:30 PM.

Come meet your new neighbors and re-connect with those you already know at our traditional adult-only holiday party.  Please bring an appetizer or dessert to share.  Coffee, tea, punch and soda will be provided or feel free to BYOB. Hope to see everyone there to kick-off this holiday season!

RSVPs are requested to help with party planning.  Please RSVP by e-mail by Nov. 30 to either:

Ann Hawkins (Ahawkins1223@ or Kristin Haynes (



All neighbors are invited to the third annual WHCA Caroling Party.  Bring the kids!

Meet at the home of Carol and Mark Russell at 3420 Knox Road on Tuesday, 

December 17 at 7 PM.  After we sing a few carols in the neighborhood, we will enjoy some

refreshments at the Russells’.


from Camelot Elementary School Principal

Dear Community,

This fall, we have been busy at Camelot with many special events.  Community events sponsored by the PTA included the Ice Cream Social, the Fall Festival, the Fun Run and several Parent Roundtables on topics including Communication 101, Kids and Stress, and Learning Styles.  The PTA is focusing on fundraising for field trips so that they are accessible to all students at Camelot.  This fall, sixth grade took an all-day trip to Hemlock Regional Park’s Outdoor Education Center where they engaged in team building activities.  Fourth grade went to Riverbend  Park, where they learned about Indians of the Potomac.  Fourth grade will also visit Jamestown and Yorktown on November 22.  Kindergarten visited Cox Farms, and preschool visited Burke Nursery to learn about growing and harvesting.  The other grade levels will take trips this winter and spring.  Camelot has a wonderful PTA, and I am grateful for their sponsorship of community events and school trips.

Camelot continues to do well academically.  I am pleased to share Camelot’s Spring 2013 Standards of Learning (SOL) test results for grades 3-6.  For comparison purposes, I am including the pass rates for the state and FCPS (state/FCPS/Camelot).  3rd Reading: 72%/79%/90%,  4th Reading: 70%/74%/82%,   5th Reading:  73%/79%/83%,  6th Reading:  73%/84%/90%,  3rd Math:  65%/70%/94%,  4th Math:  74%/78%/98%,  5th Math:  69%/71%/89%,  6th Math:  77%/87%/96%,  7th Math:  61%/ 76%/100.   This year, FCPS has a system-wide focus on critical and creative thinking.  Our school staff attends professional development on this topic once a month.  As a school, we are committed to engaging students in critical and creative thinking and have included this work in our School Improvement Plan (SIP).

We are also working on going green as part of our SIP focus.  A group of fifth graders implemented recycling in our cafeteria.  We now have bins for items collected by Fairfax County, as well as for juice pouches and Lunchables, which we send to Terra-Cycling.  In addition, our Tuesday fliers are now online ( and we only send home paper to families who “opt-in” for paper.

We have several special events between now and winter break.  Please join us for Thanksgiving lunch and classroom visits on November 21.  Our chorus and percussion ensemble will perform at the Pageant of Peace in Washington, D.C. on December 12.  The chorus concert will be on December 17.  Enjoy the fall and winter holidays!


Aileen Flaherty


Alert from Fairfax Water

This past July and again in October, someone claiming to be a Fairfax Water employee attempted to enter residents’ homes. The impersonator knocked on the door claiming to be with Fairfax Water and needing to check something in the victim’s backyard. When the victim is in the backyard with the impersonator, an unseen suspect entered the residence and took cash. Similar incidents occurred in Prince William County and in Bel Air and Prince George’s County, Maryland. Fairfax Water asks you to be vigilant and follow these safety tips to protect your home and family:


  • Fairfax Water employees have photo identification with them at all times when they are on the job and our vehicles and field staff’s clothing bear our logo. If someone comes to your door and identifies themselves as a Fairfax Water employee, always ask for their identification or call 703-698-5800, TTY 711, to verify before letting them into your home.
  • Fairfax Water employees do not receive or accept any form of payments during service calls and do not collect water-service fees door-to-door.
  • Most water meters are located outside of a customer’s home; so Fairfax Water employees typically DO NOT require access to a customer’s home to read a meter.


If you have any questions about Fairfax Water’s services or their employees, please call Fairfax Water at 703-698-5800, TTY 711.

New Virginia Wildlife Conflict Helpline

submitted by Loretta & Mike Rowe

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) is pleased to announce a new Virginia Wildlife Conflict Helpline, a resource for resolving human-wildlife conflicts.  The helpline is a collaborative effort between the VDGIF and the U.S. Department of Agriculture – Wildlife Services (WS) to address human-wildlife interactions by sharing science-based wildlife information.  Given the snakes, deer, foxes, and even coyotes in our area, this might be a good number to save!  The helpline is available toll-free at (855) 571-9003, 8:00AM-4:30PM, Monday through Friday.

Techniques recommended to the public are environmentally sound, safe, and selective and meet wildlife professionals’ standards. Individuals are helped with “do-it-yourself” instructions and are provided with the necessary information and literature, referred to websites when appropriate, or directed to other sources of assistance.  In those instances in which more specific technical assistance is needed, callers are linked up with subject matter experts.

Helpline activities are conducted in cooperation with VDGIF in accordance with Wildlife Services’ Policy Guidelines and federal, state, and county laws, regulations and policies.  The Farm Bureau of Virginia, Virginia State University and Virginia Tech Extension are partners assisting in the development of outreach and educational materials from information and data gathered from the helpline.

The development of the helpline resulted from the expansion of suburban development into rural Virginia, and significant human population growth topping 28 percent over the past 20 years. These trends have created more interactions between humans and wildlife; many, leading to negative consequences. Concerned citizens seeking information and assistance related to human-wildlife interactions now have a helpline to call for technical information and assistance.

Police Seminar on Scams

submitted by Joe Louden

The West Springfield Police Station will be hosting a Seminar on Scams on December 7 (Saturday), at the West Springfield High School. The seminar will include guest speakers presenting on topics to include home security, financial crimes, scams, and how you can “refuse to be a victim.”  You can attend all sessions or pick and choose which you would like to attend. The event is free and open to the public.

When:  December 7, 2013 from 8:30 a.m. until 12:50 p.m.

Where: West Springfield High School (6100 Rolling Road, Springfield, VA 22152).

Open Season Health Insurance Workshop

for Federal Employees and Retirees

submitted by Joe Louden

Open Season Workshop to assist federal employees and retirees in navigating through the many changes in the 2014 Federal Employees Health Benefits Plans (FEHBP), dental and vision insurance programs, and flexible spending accounts will take place Saturday, November 23, 2013 at the Fairfax County Government Center. The Government Center is located at 12000 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax, VA.

Most FEHB plans have benefit and rate changes for 2014, so it is important that federal employees and retirees know how their current plans will change and whether or not another option may better suit their needs.  Federal employees and retirees, as well as survivors and former spouse annuitants, should make sure they review their FEHB plan coverage and other benefits before Open Season ends on December 9. Those who want to ask questions or make sure that they have the coverage they need should plan to attend the Open Season Workshop on November 23. The federal government’s Open Season to change health plans and benefits runs from November 11 to December 9, 2013.

This year’s workshop will feature:

Saturday, November 23, 2013  10:00 am – 11:00 am

• Panel Discussion featuring experts on FEHB programs and available health plan options, including FEHBP expert Walt Francis.

Hosted in the Government Center Board Room

Saturday, November 23, 2013  11:00 am – 1:00 pm

• Representatives of various FEHB health plans and Medicare will be available to provide information and answer questions concerning plan offerings for 2014.

Federal employees seeking further information about FEHB plans can visit OPM’s FEHB Open Season website at:

The OPM website contains detailed information about FEHB plans, dental insurance, vision insurance, and flexible spending accounts for federal employees and dependents.  The site also provides links to frequently asked questions and other information that federal employees and retirees might need to help them make decisions about their current and future coverage.

For more information about the Open Season workshop, please call 703-256-3071.

Golden Gazette

submitted by Bill Corfitzen

The Golden Gazette is a free, monthly newspaper dedicated to serving persons age 60 and over in Fairfax County and the cities of Fairfax and Falls Church.   It is published by the County of Fairfax, VA, Department of Family Services, Fairfax Area Agency on Aging at 12011 Government Center Parkway, Suite 708, Fairfax, VA 22035-1104. Telephone: 703-324-7948; Toll-free: 1-866-503-0217; TTY: 711; website:  To receive your monthly, free mailed copy of the Golden Gazette, please call 703-324-5633 and provide your current mailing address. The Golden Gazette is also available in large-print format upon request.

Join or Renew WHCA Membership

You can join or renew membership in the Woodburn Homes Civic Association by sending your name, address, email address and phone number, along with your $15.00 per household annual dues, to:

Jeanne Midgett

3413 Beverly Drive, Annandale, VA,  22003-1110

Reminder:  Dues are collected annually at the April WHCA meeting; however, payment of dues is welcome any time during the year.

Make check payable to:   Woodburn Homes Civic Association

Welcoming and Helping Our Neighbors

All WHCA residents,  please let Ernestine Hall at  know if you hear of new neighbors or anyone who needs any type of assistance (such as a ride to the doctor, the grocery store, or pharmacy for medication, etc.)  Ernestine will try to help or find a neighborhood volunteer.

Also, please let Ernestine know if you would be willing to help in such situations. You can email her at:

Request Donation of Federal Government Use or Lose Leave

by Kristin Haynes

Kristin Haynes would like to request that if we have any neighbors who are federal government workers with use or lose leave to spare would they consider donating their leave to a friend of hers in Camelot who is recovering from Guillain-Barre Syndrome. She has exhausted her leave and is facing a long recovery. Please contact Kristin Haynes at for details.

WHCA Website

Thank you to Loretta Rowe for efforts to keep our WHCA website up to date! And, a special thanks to Joe Loudon for generously volunteering to help with updates to the WHCA website. Improvements in website content and organization will be coming soon thanks to Joe’s technical computer and website expertise.

Starting a Home Project?     Need Help around the House or Yard?

Want to Pass on a Referral?


What better way to help each other than to use the Association to share contractors you recommend.  If you have any recommendations or cautions please send them to anyone on the WHCA Council.  The database will be posted on the WHCA website and will include referrals.

The following have been recommended by our neighbors.

Please note:  WHCA does not officially promote or criticize contractors.

Jim Hughes of MAILBOXXPRESS at delivers quality service and mailboxes at most reasonable prices! Recommended by Michael and Loretta Rowe.

Need your Gutters Cleaned?  Call Jose Landscaping, 571-594-6630.  Recommended by Mark Russell (703- 573-1124).  Nan Bradley recently called Jose to clean the gutters on her house and was also very pleased.

Woodburners Chimney Sweep and Repair, LLC, 8975 Miles Place Manassas, Va.  20110,  571-379-4820.  Recommended by Nelson Hall.

Capital Discount Fuel Company in Purcellville, Virginia, for home heating oil, 115 East Main Street, Purcellville, Va.  20132 ,  703-978-6400. Recommended by Ernestine Hall.

Excellent General Contractor (drywall, painting, tile, bathrooms, plumbing, electrical, cabinetry) Alan Schottroffe 540-869-6390 or 540-533-7467.  Recommended by Mark Russell (703-573-1124) and Michael and Loretta Rowe.

Maria Mitchell highly recommends Pier Professional Painting (Bill Pier), who can be reached at: 703-402-2857.  Maria notes he is generally booked far in advance.
Kristin Haynes had her almost 20 year old lawn mower serviced and recommends this company as reasonable and great, quick service:   Branch Grigg Small Engine Service and Repair. Near Woodburn Elementary School.   Mark Griggs: 703-560-3317.  Also, highly recommended by Michael and Loretta Rowe.

Excellent job of installing heating/air conditioning.  Scott Bailey at Lanark Mechanical, 703-489-7944,  Recommended by Loretta and

Michael Rowe.

Brian’s Home Services for gutter cleaning, 703-505-6153.  Recommended by

Joyce Mcphee (703-560-5382).

CertaPro Painters of Arlington (located in Annandale) for house painting,

1-800-462-3782.  Recommended by Joyce Mcphee (703- 560-5382).

Excellent House Cleaning on occasional or routine basis.  Sabina Carrera, 703-583-7509.  Recommended by Carol Russell (703- 573-1124).

Quality Electric Services at 703-642-1880.   Recommended by Ed and Betty McCurry  (703-560-2262).


Ross Tree Service at 703-583-8733.  Recommended by Ed and Betty McCurry

(703-560- 2262).



• Babysitting Services.
Kelly Haynes
Red Cross Certified Babysitter
• Pet Sitting Services
Nicole Haynes
Pet Sitter


Service & Replacements

Call Scott Bailey at Lanark Mechanical


Email address is:

Website is:

Woodburn Homes Civic Association (WHCA) Meeting

October 28, 2013

Proposed Minutes for Approval at Jan. 27, 2014 Meeting

The fall WHCA meeting, held at Epiphany Byzantine Catholic Church, was called to order at 7:30pm by Carol Russell, President.

In addition to the 5 officers listed below, 13 members attended the meeting, for a total of 18 attendees.

Officers present were:

President Carol Russell

Vice President Loretta Rowe

Secretary Anna Fotias

Treasurer Jeanne Midgett

Area Representative Kristin Haynes

Carol Russell, President, distributed the meeting agenda and made a call for additional agenda items; none of which were submitted, and the agenda was accepted as proposed.  A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the previous July 29, 2013 WHCA meeting minutes. President Russell thanked Secretary Anna Fotias for production of the meeting minutes and Area Representative Kristin Haynes for coordinating another successful WHCA end of summer picnic on September 7.  President Russell also reported that WHCA Council members met on Oct. 9, 2013, to prepare for this Oct. 28 WHCA meeting.

The President then asked for the Officers’ reports, provided as follows:

Vice-President Loretta Rowe reported that she needed assistance from someone with website technical abilities to help her in updating postings to the WHCA website. Joe Louden volunteered to offer his website expertise to help with efforts to make postings to WHCA’s website current.

Treasurer, Jeanne Midgett, reported there is $909.06 in the WHCA Treasury as of Sept. 27, 2013.  This is the balance after receipt of two additional annual WHCA dues ($15.00 each) and payment of $99.57 for the WHCA summer picnic had been made.  She noted that there were ample funds in WHCA’s Treasury to expend on community social events during this holiday season.

As WHCA Newsletter Editor, Secretary Anna Fotias reported that the deadline for submission of materials for publication in the next Newsletter is Nov. 15, 2013.  She requested that members consider submitting their suggestions for input and any articles of community interest as well as service ads to help make the Newsletter as informative as possible. Distribution of the next Newsletter is scheduled to occur prior to Thanksgiving on Nov. 28.

Area Representative Coordinator, Kristin Haynes reported on upcoming social activities.  The annual holiday caroling and party for the neighborhood is again to be hosted at Carol and Mark Russell’s house with date to be determined. She also called for any volunteers to host the annual WHCA Holiday Party this year with date to be determined. Finally, she proposed re-initiating WHCA Neighborhood Block Captains in order to help with better distribution of community activity information throughout our neighborhood. Volunteers to be Block Captains were solicited and asked to contact Kristin Haynes via her e-mail address ( with follow-up information to be provided in the next Newsletter on need for Block Captain volunteers in certain areas.  Richard Morris noted that WHCA’s original design was to have Block Captains help deliver the WHCA Newsletter and other fliers with community alerts or announcements of social events.

Ernestine Hall, who is the coordinator for welcoming and providing assistance to community residents, reported that activities were up to date and on-going.  It was noted that establishing Block Captains could help with keeping current in providing WHCA information to new residents and about any residents who might need assistance.  Also, Loretta Rowe proposed making “WHCA Welcome Baskets” for new residents that would contain WHCA and local information of interest with small gifts, such as WHCA magnets, pens, notepads, bottle of champagne, box of chocolates, etc.  Jeanne Midgett and Kristin Haynes volunteered to help Ernestine Hall determine the content and estimated cost of such a WHCA Welcome Basket, which would be presented at the next WHCA meeting on January 27, 2014 for acceptance by members.

The President then provided updates on community news.  With respect to the Exxon Mobil land use update, President Russell reported on her on-going communication with Supervisor Linda Smyth concerning Exxon Mobil plans to vacate its nearby 117 acre campus and what impact a new tenant could have on our community.  No decisions have been made yet regarding any new tenants.  The land remains zoned for corporate use only with an option for a hotel, and not for residential or medical facility use.  There still may be a delay in Exxon Mobil’s scheduled departure in 2014 from its current Virginia location. We will continue to monitor and report as plans develop for the Exxon Mobil land use.

President Russell noted that Halloween was on Thursday, October 31, and Election Day was on Tuesday, November 5 from 6am – 7pm. This year’s VA election is for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Members of House of Delegates, and Fairfax County Sheriff. There is also a $250 million School Bond question on the ballot to provide funds to build two new schools and help renovate 22 schools.  Election Officials were still needed on Election Day from 5am until all votes are tallied. Remuneration is $175 for the day; if interested, persons should call 703-324-4735.

Regarding INOVA Fairfax Hospital updates, President Russell reported that the new Cancer Center, south of Rt. 50 and east of Williams Drive, with 7-story building and 8-story parking lot, for cancer outpatient services, is scheduled to begin construction in 2014.  Child care changes were approved to expand to non-INOVA Fairfax Hospital employees’ children. The new Women and Children’s Center, which is to be a 12-story building on the main hospital campus is scheduled to open in 2015.  The new 8-story hospital parking lot with access from Wellness Drive is scheduled to open in 2015.  Also, the current Fairfax County Woodburn Mental Health facility is being torn down, and services will be consolidated with other county mental health care in the new Merrifield Center. The Merrifield Center will provide mental health/substance abuse services and will be located between Willow Oaks and Williams Drive.

The President then advised that at the July 29 meeting there was support to upgrade the menu at the summer picnic, but the Council could not purchase a more expensive menu because of expenditure limitations in the WHCA By-Laws. Therefore, she moved to propose an amendment, which had been approved at the WHCA Council meeting of Oct. 9, 2013, to Article VIII, Sections 2, 3, and 4 of the WHCA By-Laws to increase amounts (double current amounts) for authorizations of WHCA expenditures, which had not been amended (increased) since 2009.  This amendment was discussed, seconded and passed, as follows:

Section 2: The President may authorize routine or administrative expenditures not to exceed one-hundred dollars ($100.00) per transaction.

Section 3: The Council may for the same purpose of in furtherance of Association approved projects, by a three-fifths vote, authorize expenditures not to exceed two-hundred dollars ($200.00).

Section 4: Expenditures in excess of two-hundred dollars ($200.00) must be approved by a majority vote of the members present at a duly convened meeting of the Association.

In addition, Richard Morris proposed that as a WHCA business practice a proposed annual “Spending Plan” be presented and voted on at a quarterly meeting each year. The Spending Plan would outline typical annual revenue and expenditures but would not be a binding budget.

This proposal was discussed, seconded and accepted. As a result, Treasurer Jeanne Midgett will present a proposed 2014 WHCA Spending Plan at the January 27, 2014 meeting.

Under the Public Comment portion of the agenda, Joe Louden offered to provide Vice-President Loretta Rowe with electronic copies via CD of previous years’ WHCA Newsletters for the archives. In reference to the recent WHCA Newsletter article about learning opportunities for senior citizens at the Osher Life-Long Learning Institute (OLLI), Joe Louden mentioned that seniors could take free classes at NOVA Community College and George Mason University as well.  Also, he suggested that the WHCA Newsletter publish articles similar to those contained in the AAA magazine and Golden Gazette publications which highlight scams targeting senior citizens. Bill Corfitzen recalled that the Golden Gazette publication was an excellent monthly newsletter that was free for persons age 60 and over in Fairfax County and the cities of Fairfax and Falls Church. (To add your name and address to the Golden Gazette mailing list for free delivery, call 703-324-5633.)  Finally, Richard Morris thanked WHCA members for their condolences and concern for him and his family after the death of his wife Irma in August.

Just prior to adjournment, Ann Hawkins graciously volunteered to host the 2013 WHCA Holiday Party to be held at Ann & Jeff Hawkins’ house at 8420 Hayden Lane on the first weekend in December.  Specific details concerning date and time will be provided via e-mail.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm.  Desserts and refreshments, provided by WHCA Committee members, were enjoyed by attendees remaining to socialize.  Our next Association meeting is scheduled for January 27, 2014 at 7:30pm in the Byzantine Catholic Church’s social hall.