May 2013

Woodburn Homes Civic Association Newsletter  May, 2013


Exxon Mobil Land Use Update

The WHCA Council has been in contact with Supervisor Linda Smyth with respect to the relocation of Exxon Mobil and the subsequent use of the current campus (117 acres across Gallows Road from INOVA Fairfax Hospital). This is what we learned from Supervisor Smyth in May, 2013:

  • There may be a delay in the relocation of Exxon Mobil to Texas, as there appears to be some lag in construction of the new office buildings there.
  • While Fairfax County has expressed opinions against a government agency occupying the site (due to loss of tax revenue), the County does not have any authority over the sale of the property.
  • The future land use of the Exxon Mobil property is governed by the current Merrifield Comprehensive Plan, which does not allow any residential development on the site.
  • A public hearing would be required for zoning modification (to allow a hotel, for example); however, the zoning must remain commercial and the current setbacks and green buffers cannot be reduced.
  • We are on Supervisor Smyth’s mailing list and should receive updates on the Exxon Mobil land use.

WHCA Arranges Community Association Rates at AAA/Republic Services and American Disposal

At the April 2013 meeting, some asked about the rates of the two local trash companies.  We have been able to work with both AAA Republic Trash Services and American Disposal Services to arrange a Woodburn Homes Civic

Association (WHCA) rate. Details are below:


If you are a WHCA member, you qualify for a new contract with a monthly fee of $26 for non-Seniors; $23 for Seniors (60 or over.) Your contract will be good until the end of 2013, with opportunity for a full year renewal in January, 2014.

To sign up, call AAA customer service at 703-818-8222 and ask for the Woodburn Homes Civic Association rate.  (You will have to tell them you are billed individually and not part of a homeowner’s association bill, but you want the special civic association rate.) AAA will also provide you with a 64 gallon wheeled recycle cart upon request.  No charge if trading in for the old recycle bins.

American Disposal Services

If you are a WHCA member, you qualify for a new contract with a monthly fee of $23.  There is no special Senior rate. Your contract will be good for twelve months, with opportunity to renew.

To sign up, call American Disposal Services customer service at 703-368-0500 and ask for the Woodburn Homes Civic Association rate.  (You will have to tell them you are billed individually and not part of a homeowner’s association bill, but you want the special civic association rate.) American Disposal Services will also provide you with a 64 gallon wheeled recycle cart upon request at no charge.

Social Committee News by Kristin Haynes

Please contact Kristin Haynes at if you are interested in hosting the WHCA summer social picnic in September 2013.

If you have any ideas for new neighborhood social events, please contact Kristin Haynes with your suggestions or to volunteer to host any social event.  Our new “Upcoming Event” signs will remind you to check our website to RSVP and for updated information on these socials.


from Camelot Elementary School Principal

Dear Community,

The 2012-2013 school year is rapidly coming to a close.  This has been an incredibly exciting first year for me as Camelot’s principal, and I appreciate the community’s support!

As I write, students in grades three through six are completing their Standards of Learning (SOL) assessments, and we are awaiting the reporting of their scores.  This is the first year that students have taken all of their SOL tests online, including writing in response to a prompt.  The new tests include technology‐enhanced items that require students to apply what they have learned in ways not possible with traditional multiple choice questions.   The English and Science SOL tests assess the new content and increased rigor of the 2010 standards.  Due to the increased rigor of the new tests, FCPS may experience a temporary drop in pass rates as curriculum and instructional strategies are adjusted to meet higher expectations for learning and achievement.

We wrap up the school year with numerous events and activities.  Several, which may be of interest to the community,  include:

  • Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast on June 3 at 8:30am in the library
  • 6th Grade Musical on June 6 at 7pm
  • PTA Picnic and Movie Night on June 7 at 7pm
  • Band and Strings Concert on June 11 at 7pm
  • Awards Assembly on June 12 (Grades 3-5 at 9:30am and K-2 at 1pm)
  • Field Day on June 14
  • 6th Grade Recognition on June 17 at 6:30pm
  • Last Day of School for K-6 on June 18


I hope that you have a wonderful summer!  Mark your calendar for our 2013-2014 Open House on August 29 at 3pm, the First Day of School on September 3, and Back to School Night on September 12 at 6:30pm.


Aileen Flaherty



Kelly Haynes (Woodburn Road) recently received a Gold Award, the highest achievement in Girl Scouting. Kelly’s project was titled “Preparing for Kindergarten Early”. At the end of last summer, Kelly led a two-week program to introduce incoming kindergartners, who had not attended preschool, to a classroom setting and basic instruction so that they would be better prepared for their first year at Camelot Elementary School.

There were only 182 Girl Scouts in our Nation’s Capital region to complete this honor this year. Kelly will graduate from Falls Church High School in June 2013 and will start Northern Virginia Community College in the fall with plans to transfer after a year or two to the University of Mary Washington.


On June 1, 2013, from 8:00AM to 12 NOON (weather permitting – no rain date) at the corner of Hayden & Beverly Dr., there is scheduled a neighborhood yard sale, organized by Ann Hawkins and Ernestine Hall.  All neighbors are invited to join in.


WHCA’s website is It contains a wealth of information about our Woodburn Homes community, which includes about 150 homes located in northwestern Annandale near INOVA Fairfax Hospital. WHCA members are working to update our website information and to continue to safeguard it from any harmful computer intrusion.

Important information contained on WHCA’s website includes:

  • WHCA By-Laws, which state the purpose of the association as –

to organize a representative group of people in pursuing the following objectives:

a. To promote organized community interest and action in local affairs.

b. To promote community interest in the continuous improvement and maintenance of roads and public utilities within the Woodburn Holmes area.

c. To maintain the rural character of the community within the Woodburn Holmes area; specifically by petitioning and by other legal means; limiting zoning to a minimum of R-1 type lots (one dwelling unit/acre) for single family residences.

  • WHCA Membership, which is open to all residents over 18 years old of a Woodburn Homes single family dwelling upon payment of dues to the Association, currently set at $15.00 per residence per year.

Thank you Loretta Rowe for keeping our WHCA website up to date!

Join or Renew Membership!!!

You can join or renew membership in the Woodburn Homes Civic Association by sending your name, address, email address and phone number, along with your $15.00 per household annual dues, to:

Jeanne Midgett

3413 Beverly Drive, Annandale, VA,  22003-1110

Reminder:  Annual Dues are due in April, 2013.

Make check payable to:   Woodburn Homes Civic Association

Welcoming and Helping Our Neighbors

All WHCA residents,  please let Ernestine Hall at  know if you hear of new neighbors or anyone who needs any type of assistance (such as a ride to the doctor, the grocery store, or pharmacy for medication, etc.)  Ernestine will try to help or find a neighborhood volunteer.

Ernestine Hall has been great in organizing neighborhood assistance!  Thanks Ernestine!  Also, please let Ernestine know if you would be willing to help in such situations. You can email her at:


For Police Emergencies, Call 911 For Non emergencies, call 703-691-2131


There are two nearby community pools for neighbors to join for summer fun:

  • Camelot Community Club (CCC) at 3604 Balin Court, Annandale, VA 22003, phone: 703-560-1222 (in season), website:
  • Holmes Run Acres (HRA) Pool at 3451 Gallows Rd., Falls Church 22042,   phone: 703-560-2750 (in season), website:

Starting a Home Project?     Need Help around the House or Yard?

Want to Pass on A Referral?


What better way to help each other than to use the Association to share contractors you recommend.

If you have any recommendations or cautions please send them to anyone on the WHCA Council.  The database will be posted on the WHCA website and will include referrals.

The following have been recommended by our neighbors.

Please note:  WHCA does not officially promote or criticize contractors.

Jim Hughes of MAILBOXXPRESS at delivers quality service and mailboxes at most reasonable prices! Recommended by Michael and Loretta Rowe.

Need your Gutters Cleaned?  Call Jose Landscaping, 571-594-6630.  Recommended by Mark Russell (703- 573-1124).  Nan Bradley recently called Jose to clean the gutters on her house and was also very pleased.

Woodburners Chimney Sweep and Repair, LLC, 8975 Miles Place Manassas, Va.  20110,  571-379-4820.  Recommended by Nelson Hall.

Capital Discount Fuel Company in Purcellville, Virginia, for home heating oil, 115 East Main Street, Purcellville, Va.  20132 ,  703-978-6400. Recommended by Ernestine Hall.

Excellent General Contractor (drywall, painting, tile, bathrooms, plumbing, electrical, cabinetry) Alan Schottroffe 540-869-6390 or 540-533-7467.  Recommended by Mark Russell (703-573-1124) and Michael and Loretta Rowe.

Maria Mitchell highly recommends Pier Professional Painting (Bill Pier), who can be reached at: 703-402-2857.  Maria notes he is generally booked far in advance.
Kristin Haynes had her almost 20 year old lawn mower serviced and recommends this company as reasonable and great, quick service:   Branch Grigg Small Engine Service and Repair. Near Woodburn Elementary School.   Mark Griggs: 703-560-3317.  Also, highly recommended by Michael and Loretta Rowe.

Excellent job of installing heating/air conditioning.  Scott Bailey at Lanark Mechanical, 703-489-7944,  Recommended by Loretta and

Michael Rowe.

Brian’s Home Services for gutter cleaning, 703-505-6153.  Recommended by

Joyce Mcphee (703-560-5382).

CertaPro Painters of Arlington (located in Annandale) for house painting,

1-800-462-3782.  Recommended by Joyce Mcphee (703- 560-5382).

Excellent House Cleaning on occasional or routine basis.  Sabina Carrera, 703-583-7509.  Recommended by Carol Russell (703- 573-1124).

Quality Electric Services at 703-642-1880.   Recommended by Ed and Betty McCurry  (703-560-2262).


Ross Tree Service at 703-583-8733.  Recommended by Ed and Betty McCurry

(703-560- 2262).



• Babysitting Services.
Kelly Haynes
Red Cross Certified Babysitter
• Pet Sitting Services
Nicole Haynes
Pet Sitter


Service & Replacements

Call Scott Bailey at Lanark Mechanical


Email address is:

Website is:

Woodburn Homes Civic Association Meeting

April 29, 2013


The spring meeting, held at Epiphany Byzantine Catholic Church, was called to order at 7:30 pm by Ed McCurry, President.

In addition to the Officers listed below, 15 members attended the meeting.

Officers present were:

President Ed McCurry

Vice President Loretta Rowe

Treasurer Jeanne Midgett

Secretary Carol Russell

Area Representative Kristin Haynes

Ed McCurry, President, distributed the meeting agenda and made a call for additional agenda items.  He noted the first order of business was the annual election.  He reminded those present that the By-laws require a minimum attendance of ten people.

Ed presented the slate of Officers.  Richard Morris motioned that the Officers be elected as a group; the motion was seconded and approved, thus the election was held by voice vote.  The Officers elected were:

President:  Carol Russell

Vice President:  Loretta Rowe

Secretary:  Anna Fotias

Treasurer:  Jeanne Midgett

Area Representative:  Kristin Haynes

The minutes from the January, 2013 meeting were accepted and the President asked for the Officers’ reports.

The Treasurer, Jeanne Midgett, reported there is $878.63 in the Treasury.  She noted the annual dues are due this month.  Ed McCurry remarked this is the highest balance in the Treasury to date.  He advised that the By-laws allow the President to approve any expenditure up to $50.00; the Council can approve up to $100.00; and higher expenditures must be approved by the members.

President McCurry advised there is a tradition of an annual contribution to the Epiphany of Our Lord Byzantine Church of $50.00 and to the Falls Church High School of $50.00.  He explained the donation to the High School is for the All Night Graduation Party.  Kristin Haynes added that the High School provides refreshments to allow the graduates to remain in the building all night.  Carol Russell added that while some may not like to give funds to the High School, the All Night Graduation Party serves not just as a party but also to increase both the safety and wellbeing of the students as well as the surrounding neighborhoods.

Mike Rowe proposed increasing our contribution to $75.00 to Falls Church High School because of inflation over the years; the proposal was seconded and voted in favor. Richard Morris suggested that we include a note along with our contribution to indicate our increased and continued support.

Carol Russell advised she and the new Secretary Anna Fotias will work together to determine the Spring Newsletter deadline for articles.

Kristin Haynes advised upcoming social events.  National Night Out is scheduled for August 6.  She will request a police officer attend, as the purpose of the National Night Out is to increase safety and crime awareness.  Kristin continues to encourage social events such as garden clubs and wine tasting.  The Summer Social will probably be held in September at the cul-de-sac on Beverly, as this venue has been successful in the past.

The President then moved to Old Business, announcing that Exxon Mobil is vacating the 117 acre campus.  He noted that Carol Russell has been in touch with Linda Smyth of Fairfax County who advised recently that no decisions have been made with respect to the new tenants.

Ed McCurry thanked Daniel Pritchard for his work in installing lights in the neighborhood.  Dan announced that he has been working with the County and will circulate a petition after the meeting for additional lighting.

Loretta Rowe, Vice President, reported there has been no further word on the proposed walkway extension from the Byzantine Church to Tobin Road.  (Loretta has explored the possibility of a path with the church representatives who advised that they are waiting for the County to approve the current sidewalk.  Once the County approves, we can pursue installing a path. )

Ms. Rowe discussed the issue of rate hikes of the two trash companies who service the neighborhood.  There is confusion about whether the special neighborhood rates are still available.  Quinta Seida mentioned that this needs annual renewal.  Mimi Harris advised there is a senior rate available.  Quinta Seida said she is dissatisfied with American Trash Collection and asked if we could pare down to one trash company in the neighborhood, and Ed McCurry advised that would be difficult because people are free to choose their own trash removal company and we’d never get 100% for one company.  Kristin offered that she heard someone on Reedy Drive switched to American for the larger rolling recycle bin a few years ago, and perhaps AAA also offers these types of bins.  Loretta Rowe noted that AAA does offer larger recycling bins.

Loretta Rowe gave a short appreciation speech to the Past Presidents of the Association.  She noted what a great job they all have done, specifically mentioning Joe Louden, Jeff Hawkins, Richard Morris, and Ed McCurry.  She noted that all worked hard for the community and made significant contributions during their tenures.  Richard Morris had even served as Treasurer after stepping down as President.

Ed McCurry advised the County has increased the property tax rate, with an average increase of $200 annually.  Michael Rowe volunteered to attend the May 14, 2013 meeting scheduled by INOVA concerning a new cancer center on Williams Drive and expansion of the day care center to non-hospital employees.

Richard Morris noted that the entire history of the Association could be compiled into a single (and potentially interesting) document, since the Association has saved years of minutes and Association documents.

Daniel Pritchard asked about the Association web page.  Loretta mentioned that when the Association Website was down, our new neighbor, Herbert Pinder, offered to help solve the problem.  Loretta expressed appreciation for his offer.

President Ed McCurry thanked everyone for their support during the three years of his tenure as President.  There was a huge round of applause in appreciation for his work for the Association.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.  Folks then gathered for brownies and coffee brought by the Rowes; cupcakes courtesy of Jeanne Midgett; and lemon cookies courtesy of the Russells.