May 2010

Woodburn Homes Civic Association Newsletter  May, 2010

New WHCA Officers Elected at April Meeting.

A Huge Thank You to Richard Morris and Jill Humphries.

The neighborhood owes AN ENORMOUS THANK YOU to Richard Morris who did an outstanding job of energizing our neighborhood and solving community problems during his tenure as President.  Richard did not run for President this year but we are very appreciative that he will stay on the Council as Treasurer.  Thank you Richard!

Jill Humphries has also decided not to run for the office of Treasurer.  Jill has graciously and generously served in this role almost two decades, keeping our finances straight and solvent.  AN ENORMOUS THANK YOU TO JILL for serving our community for so long.  We wish Jill and her husband Jack all the best as they settle in their new home in the Lake of the Woods Community in Fredericksburg.  Thank you Jill! 

New Officers: 

New Officers elected at the April meeting are:

President:  Ed McCurry

Vice President:  Loretta Rowe

Treasurer:  Richard Morris

Secretary:  Carol Russell

Neighborhood Coordinator:  Kristin Haynes

Status of Construction of the New Church

Epiphany of Our Lord Byzantine Catholic Church on Woodburn Road

  • Building of the new church will require the temporary closure of the Woodburn Road entrance to the church, resulting in rerouting of church traffic via Knox Road for one year.   
  • Any questions about church construction should be directed to WHCA  President Ed McCurry (703-409-6055) who is our coordinator with the Church Representatives. 

More information is below in the report from the church:

Work Completed in the Past Weeks

Final county inspections of soil erosion protection and tree preservation fencing have been completed and approved

Final building and demolition permits have been issued by the county

Demolition and removal of the houses began on Monday, May 10.

Work Planned for the Coming Weeks

The work on Knox Road and the church back entrance, which will require that entrance to be closed for a few days, will be done first before the front entrance is closed.

When the front entrance is closed, signs will be placed on Woodburn Road

directing all traffic to the back entrance on Knox Road for one year.

Church Issues and Concerns

It is very important for safety and security that neighbors (especially curious

children!) not enter any portion of the construction site, especially the fenced

areas once they are installed.

Unfortunately, the building and site permits from Fairfax County require that the current entrance driveway to Epiphany be CLOSED to parish/day care traffic and be restricted to construction vehicles ONLY. This will occur in the next few

weeks and signs will be posted.

Once construction is in full swing and the front entrance is closed, the entire area between the current church and Woodburn Road will be off-limits, and only used for Sunday Liturgies, Tuesday evening Bingo, and other special events (Holy Days, Funerals, etc.)

All traffic (parishioners, bingo customers, day care staff and parents, mail

delivery, etc.) will be re-routed through the back entrance to the church from

Knox Road (near the rectory).

The new restricted parking spaces in front of the parish center must be obeyed,

especially by bingo workers and patrons on Tuesdays, to allow parents to pick up their children at the day care center in the evenings.

The Church has asked that parishioners and neighbors not interfere with any of the contractor’s personnel, asking questions or making comments.

Neighbors should direct all questions or concerns to President Ed McCurry 703-409-6055 or by email:  Ed is WHCA Coordinator with the Church Representatives.

Upcoming Social Activities

by Kristin Haynes

Many thanks to Kristin Haynes for coordinating our social activities throughout the year!  In addition to Kristin, a huge thanks to the other social committee members:  Nan Bradley, Irene Van Slyke, Mitzi Mitchell, Joyce McPhee, Jeanne Midgett.  

WHCA Summer Picnic

Thanks to Patti and Scott Bailey for their offer to host the annual WHCA potluck summer picnic.  The date will be forthcoming.

Open House and Free Trial Week at Nearby Pool

The Camelot Community Club (CCC) has been providing fun in the sun for Camelot-area families for over 40 years. If you are searching for a family friendly pool offering swimming lessons, swim & dive teams, and social events with close proximity to the neighborhood, then the CCC is your pool.

Upcoming Key Dates:

Opening Day at Camelot Pool: Saturday, May 29 at 11AM

The entire Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) is designated as Camelot Pool Open House.  Please come and check out the pool!

Registration is required but the visit is free of charge.

Pool Membership:

For Pool membership information, contact Bonnie Gagermeier at 703-876-0611 or If you would like to be added to the Camelot Pool e-mail list, please send an e-mail to:  Additional information is available on the CCC website at

As an additional bonus, the Camelot Community Club has graciously offered WHCA residents a free trial week at the pool – from June 19-26.  Just inform the guards at the desk that you are a WHCA resident and no fee will be charged.

Social Committee Open to Ideas for 2010 Social Events.  Please contact Kristin Haynes at with any ideas for 2010, if you’d like to suggest we do them again, or if you’d like to host an event.

Yard Sale News

WHCA will hold a coordinated community yard sale tentatively set for June 19, but please check the website to confirm the date.

Camelot will hold their community-wide yard sale on May 22.


To Riley Louden (Reedy) for being nominated as a recipient of the Fairfax County Women’s Sports Awards: Athlete of the Year – track athlete at FCHS.

To Sandy Kendall (Tobin) who finished in 3rd place of all female runners at the recent Jaguar 5K run sponsored by FCHS.  Quite a feat for a 12 year old!  Her time was 20:59.  Many from the neighborhood also ran to support our local high school.

More Summer Events

Summer Concert Series:  Fairfax County offers wonderful concerts all summer long.   For the complete schedule, see:

Farmer’s Markets:  Get the freshest fruits, vegetables, baked goods, plants, cut flowers, honey, meat, dairy, eggs and more at the local farmers markets:For a complete listing of farmers markets and hours, see:

Route 495 Hot Lanes Update by Jeanne Midgett

The following report is from Jeanne Midgett who attended a Capital Beltway HOT Lanes project briefing on May 4, 2010,  held by VDOT.  Thanks Jeanne!

Here’s what’s happening in our area.  The Gallows Road bridge overpass traffic is shifting  to the new bridge the second weekend in May.  The new traffic pattern is two lanes heading north (toward the hospital) and one land heading south.  This pattern will continue for about 16 months while the construction workers demolish the old bridge and complete building the new bridge.

The construction crews are working on an accelerated schedule to hopefully complete the work on and around the Gallows Road Bridge 10 months ahead of the original plan.  The sound barriers on either side of the Beltway will be completed as much as possible in that area to cut down on noise,  and most of the construction work will be done at night when there is less traffic on the roads.  Local police and cameras will be monitoring traffic in this area to help avoid unnecessary backups and address problems as they occur.

For further information, check the following website:



Message from Camelot School Principal

Dear Community,

I want to provide an update on the budget. The General Assembly concluded its legislative session on March 14th with some major changes to the education funding picture.  They took two actions that will affect the FCPS budget.

First, legislators approved “unfreezing” the local composite index so that FCPS will receive the $61.8 million that the school system is entitled to next year under that index.  Second, legislators cut overall state funding for K-12 education, which equates to a $60.7 million loss for FCPS.  The combination of these two actions means that FCPS will receive an increase of about $1.1 million in overall state funding.

To make up for the cuts in state funding for K-12 education, the General Assembly reduced all Virginia school systems’ contributions to the Virginia Retirement System (VRS), saving FCPS $109 million; however there will be a 10-year repayment plan to make up for the reduced rate.

Meanwhile at the local level, the Board of Supervisors advertised on March 9th that the tax rate could go up to $1.12 per $100 of assessed property value, providing the Board of Supervisors with flexibility when adopting the budget.  This is three cents above what the county executive included in his proposed budget.  The final tax rate was approved on April 27th when the Board of Supervisors adopted the county budget.

In an update on March 16th to the Board of Supervisors about the evolving financial picture, Dr. Dale requested a transfer equal to the one that the schools received from the Board of Supervisors last year.

Even if FCPS receives a level county transfer, a number of reductions previously announced in the FY 2011 advertised budget will occur.  These include a reduction of 204.3 positions (nearly half from central support); a salary freeze for all employees; elimination of summer school (except for special education students and self-supporting programs); and a 15 percent reduction in supplies and textbooks.

For more information, including past issues of the e-newsletter, The Bottom Line, visit

Craig Gfeller Principal of Camelot School

Northrup Grumman is Moving its Headquarters from Los Angeles to Virginia. 

The following is an excerpt from the April 27edition of the Washington Post:

Northrup Grumman is moving its headquarters to Northern Virginia.  About 300 employees will be involved in the move, a mixture of workers relocating from Los Angeles and new ones hired in Washington. A summer 2011 move-in date has been targeted.

Attention is now being turned to which building, and which Northern Virginia jurisdiction, Northrop will choose.

The choices have been narrowed to the Fairview Park office complex in the redeveloped Merrifield section of Falls Church and an office building on North Glebe Road in Arlington County. Both have enough high-level, class A office space to accommodate hundreds or even thousands of employees; close proximity to Northrop’s myriad government clients, including the Pentagon; and visibility in an area where many of its competitors are located.

Local Artists Feature Handcrafted Work in Nearby Gallery

There is a Craft Gallery nearby with crafts created by local artisans.  Stop by the Craft Gallery in Annandale Community Park.  Artists show and sell works such as pottery, weavings, porcelain, and jewelry.  Check the website for directions and details:

Bird Watching at Eakin Park 

There is a county sponsored bird walk every Monday morning (free) at Eakin Park beginning at the parking lot at Prosperity Avenue.  Starting time is 7:00 a.m. March through November.  (December, January, February at 7:30 a.m.)  Cancelled if rain or severe weather. Call 703-941-1065 (Hidden Oaks Nature Center) for further information.


You will be notified via email.

Join or Renew Membership!!!

Reminder:  2010 Annual Dues were due in April, 2010.   You can join or renew membership in the Woodburn Homes Civic Association by sending your name, address, email address and phone number, along with your $15.00 per household annual dues, to:

Richard Morris

8413 Hayden Lane, Annandale, VA 22003-1126

Make check payable to:   Woodburn Homes Civic Association

Welcoming and Helping Our Neighbors

All WHCA residents please let Ernestine Hall know if you know or hear of new

neighbors or any one who needs any type of assistance (such as a ride to the doctor, or the grocery store or pharmacy for medication, etc.)  Ernestine will try to help or find a neighborhood volunteer.

Ernestine has been great in organizing assistance!  Thanks Ernestine!

Also, please let Ernestine know if you would be willing to help in such situations. You can email her at:

Please Be Mindful of the 25 mph speed limit on Hayden Lane

From a Hayden Lane resident:

Recently there was a near collision between a speeding car, the mail truck and a car traveling in the opposite direction. Only quick action by one driver prevented an accident.

As one turns on to Hayden Lane from Woodburn Road there is a sign indicating a 25mph speed limit.  Hayden Lane is not a lazy country road. It has become a busy street. Every day children stand and frolic waiting for the school bus, bicyclists pedal along, dog walkers exercise their pets, cars back out of driveways, joggers trot along and two semi-blind intersections are all part of the street. Please consider these facts when you travel Hayden Lane.

Please slow down as you travel Hayden Lane.  Thank you!


For Police Emergencies, Call 911 For Non emergencies, Call 703-691-2131



Check the Woodburn Homes Community Association website for news on the upcoming Neighborhood Yard Sale.

> • Babysitting Services.
> Kelly Haynes
> Red Cross Certified Babysitter

> • Pet Sitting Services
> Nicole Haynes
> Pet Sitter


Service & Replacements

Call Scott Bailey


Woodburn Homes Civic Association Meeting

April 26, 2010 – Minutes

The spring meeting, held at Epiphany Byzantine Catholic Church, was called to order at 7:37 p.m. by Richard Morris, President.

Including officers, 21 people attended the meeting.

  • Announcement that the annual election for the council would be held that day was made. The secretary announced that a quorum was present.
  • The secretary read the notice of election as required by the by-laws.
  • Reading of the slate by Harrison Hall was made.
  • Ballots were passed and filled out by the voting membership.
  • Vote was tallied by Harrison Hall and Mark Russell.
  • While the vote was counted a motion to accept the agenda for the meeting was made, seconded and approved by voice vote.
  • Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
  • The Treasurer reported that the association has 31 dues paying members for 2009 and that cash on hand was $257.94. She also reported that her books were audited by members Nan Bradley and Joe Louden and that she was off by $10 (to the good).
  • Our guest tonight was Craig Gfeller, Principal of Camelot Elementary. In his remarks he was optimistic that the budget would be passed and that no negative effect on school activities would occur. In 2009 he stated that the school had 504 students and that 525 were expected for the next year. Kindergarten orientation would occur on May 3.  On June 3rd the spring concert event would occur. He mentioned that the school year was extended to June 24th.  June 4th would see the school picnic.
  • The Secretary noted that the latest newsletter, courtesy of Carol Russell, would be forthcoming in the next few weeks and asked for article contributions from the membership.
  • The Vice President commented on discussions that had occurred in the council meetings concerning the planned summer social.
  • The President’s remarked that we are currently members of the Providence council and Senator Chap Petersen is available to attend future meetings if asked.
  • New Business:
  • The Secretary delivered a report on the planned Church construction.
  • A member suggested asking for police help in directing traffic when the front entrance to the Church becomes permanently closed.
  • Public comment:  a Christmas Ho Ho Ho sign was found.
  • The 50/50 raffle was held.  The winner donated his share to the Association.
  • A motion to invite Chap Petersen and David Bulova to our summer meeting was made and passed unanimously.
  • The results of the election were announced by Mr. Hall. Serving the new term as President is Ed McCurry, receiving votes from 19 out of 20 ballots cast.  Vice President is Loretta Rowe with 20 out of 20 votes. Treasurer is Richard Morris receiving 19 out of 20 votes.. Secretary is Carol Russell with 20 out 20 votes cast. Neighborhood Coordinator results had Kristin Haynes 20 out of 20 votes cast.
  • There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:22 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ed McCurry