December 2011

Woodburn Homes Civic Association Newsletter  November, 2011


Epiphany of Our Lord Byzantine Catholic Church on Woodburn Road

The Epiphany of our Lord Catholic Church invited all WHCA members to attend solemn vespers on Saturday, November 19, in the old church building  followed by a reception and tour of the new church. A number did attend and Richard Morris took some great outdoor pictures which we will be posting on website.

Holiday Caroling Outing Planned for Tuesday, December 13

Everyone welcome!!! Please join in the holiday caroling evening!  We will meet at the corner of Hayden and Beverly at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, December 13.   After we spread the warmth of the holiday season all over the neighborhood, everyone is invited for refreshments at the home of Mark and Carol Russell.  Please bring flashlights.  Loretta and Mike Rowe will lend us the song sheets.

If you plan to join the caroling outing, please RSVP to Carol and Mark at by December 7.

Other Social News

Social Committee thanks the Hawkins for their Home for the Annual Holiday Party 

Winter Holiday Party is scheduled for Saturday, December 10 at the home of Ann, Jeff and Sassy Hawkins at the corner of Hayden and Beverly.  This will be be a potluck party for all WHCA members.  The Social Committee will handle all of the shopping and preparations!

Please let Kristin Haynes know if you will attend by calling 703-698-5484 or emailing

Theatre outings.  It was suggested by new member, Karen Skelton that we look into supporting local high school theatre productions and perhaps try to form a group to attend as we tried for Providence Players’ Auntie Mame.  Jeanne Midgett also mentioned that high school band and orchestra concerts are wonderful to support, so please keep an eye out for emails coming up regarding these and we’ll post the information on our website,

School Fundraising.  Falls Church High School is running its annual BJ’s Wholesale Club membership fundraiser which is a good deal for both you and the school!   BJ’s will discount their basic membership from $50 to $40 for the Inner Circle Membership or save $20 off of the regular $90 BJ’s Rewards Membership price.  Both offers will also give you 3 extra months (15 months instead of 12) and $5 will be donated to the Falls Church HS PTSA.  If you’re not currently a member or your membership has expired, you will receive a temporary card to use right away while the paperwork is processed.


This special offer is not valid online or at any BJ’s Club location.  If you have joined within the year but would still like to save with this promotion, you certainly can and 15 months will be added to your current expiration date.

Please contact Kristin Haynes at 703-698-5484 or with any questions.

Forms are available at .  We may be able to extend this past the 11/9 deadline but please don’t delay too long!

A Fabulous Evening –  The Summer Picnic

The annual picnic was held on 9/10/11 at the end of Beverly drive in the cul-de-sac as had been done before and it was a fabulous time for all.  A huge thank you to Kristin Haynes for organizing such a great evening!  We enjoyed lively conversation, meeting new neighbors and catching up with neighborhood news.   Everyone enjoyed the potluck dishes and grilled burgers and hot dogs.  Check out the pictures on the website

President Ed McCurry’s Message

Happy holidays to all!  Ho! Ho! Ho!


Letter from Camelot School Principal

Dear Community, 

 As we look forward to the months of November and December, we often think of those activities that are a tradition for our school and our families.  One such tradition at Camelot Elementary is our annual Thanksgiving lunch.  I want to extend an invitation to all our families to join us on November 17th for lunch.  


As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, our Student Council Association (SCA) will be organizing a food drive.  Students will be able to donate canned goods beginning on November 14.  This annual event is one way in which our students and families will be giving to our community. 


Our third graders have been asked to sing the National Anthem at the school board meeting on November 10th  at 7:00.  Additionally, our chorus has been invited to sing at the Pageant of Peace on the Ellipse in Washington D.C. on December 21st at 7:00 PM.  


I also want to let you know that we will be having our annual Book Fair from November  14th through November 17th.  This will be a wonderful opportunity for our families to increase home libraries.  Regardless of whether you currently have children at Camelot, I encourage you to visit our school during that time and purchase a book(s).  They make great gifts and there is always a variety to choose from.  Proceeds from the sales will go to support our library and other programs at Camelot Elementary. 


Have a wonderful month and Happy Thanksgiving! 



Craig Gfeller 


Camelot Elementary School 

(703) 645-7000 

(We apologize for the delay in sending out this Newsletter which make some of the above information outdated.  We included it despite delay so everyone will know what is going on in school and so give a heads up about Pageant of Peace performance.

Falls Church High School News

The Fairfax County Public School System is proposing a charter school, Fairfax Leadership Academy, to be housed in the Graham Road ES site.  This school is proposed for at-risk 7th-12th graders and will offer a year-round calendar and a longer school day.

Some parents oppose this move because the location is a concern as it may compete for students currently at FCHS and due to under-enrollment FCHS has been bumped down for renovations to the year 2024.

A parent group from Falls Church High School is forming to oppose a charter school.   If you would like additional information please visit this site: lists a summary of the meeting held 11/2/11.

Submitted by Kristin Haynes

Other Neighborhood News

No Immediate Plans for Relocation of Exxon Mobil Corporation in Fairfax

Local newspapers have included articles about a study of relocation of certain Exxon Mobil Corporation offices.  This has led to rumors that Exxon may be moving from the Gallows Road location.  The WHCA Council  contacted the  Exxon Mobil Media Office in Houston.  The response from Exxon Mobil is below:

In June, Exxon Mobil announced  the development of a new office campus in north Houston for employees currently working in a variety of locations in the Houston area. 

It is expected that most employees working in the corporation’s Houston Upstream head office activities, along with Exxon Mobil Chemical Company and various staff support services, will be based at the campus. 

Employees that are NOT currently planned to move to the new campus include those at Fairfax.

The decision to proceed with the campus resulted from a study of the corporation’s office requirements in the United States. Further study will determine whether any other U.S. office locations will be located at the campus in the future.

Many thanks to our President Ed McCurry and Mike Rowe who attended the recent planning meeting regarding a recent INOVA variance request.

INOVA plans to build a high rise parking garage on Woodburn Road.  Plans are in place to widen Gallows Road in certain sections; install a new traffic light on Woodburn Road; and, to eventually move the Woodburn mental health facility to the north end of the Fairfax Hospital campus, near Williams Drive.

Merrifield Updates

The Falls Church News recently said this about the Mosaic at Merrifield project:

Give it a little longer: eight new movie screens, a hotel, a Target and a natural foods grocery are coming to Merrifield.

Opening in Fall 2012, the first phase of the project is more than two-thirds leased and includes a mix of 400,000 square feet of both national and local retailers, an eight-screen art house cinema, 150 room boutique hotel, 60,000 square feet of Class A office space and 114 urban town homes.

The development’s anchor occupants include Target, the Angelika Film Center and Café, and Mom’s Organic Market.

The new Target in the plan is said to differ from the existing Target already on Rte. 50 in many ways. For one, it will occupy the entire fourth level of the primary retail building at Mosaic. It will utilize glass cubing and four-story-tall entrances, which will bookmark the two ends of the new store.  The store will be approximately 160,000 square feet with dedicated parking directly underneath the top floor shopping level, while hidden from street view.

Target is a well-liked and known addition, yet each anchor store is interesting in its own right, including the new theater. First opening in New York City’s Soho district in 1989, the Angelika Film Center and Café plays a mix of independent films. It is considered an art house theater and is said to be the most successful of its type in the U.S.

As for groceries, Mom ‘s Organic Market specializes in organic and local foods.

The name of the incoming hotel is yet to be announced.

Look for the first parcel of land, located just off Lee Highway, which will hold the primary retail building to be completed by the fall of 2012.

Concerns about Careless Driving and Speeding in Our Community!

Please take care when driving in our neighborhood!

The increasing speeding and failure to come to a full stop at STOP signs remains a major concern of the neighborhood.  President McCurry and the WHCA Council have made it a priority to mitigate careless driving in our community.  Ed has requested a VDOT Traffic Calming Study, which is the first requirement when asking officials for mitigation measures such as Four Way Stops, etc.

The VDOT Study should begin very soon.

STOP Signs now free of Vegetation

The WHCA Council has been working with the County to remove vegetation from the neighborhood STOP signs.  The spring and summer growth of vegetation was covering some of our stop signs to the point that the STOP sign was not visible.  The signs should be completely uncovered and visible now.

Construction of the New Church in Final Stages

Epiphany of Our Lord Byzantine Catholic Church on Woodburn Road

At the Fall WHCA meeting, President McCurry announced that the new church dedication is scheduled for Sunday, November 20.  On November 19, the Church will ring and test the church bells.

As noted on page one of this newsletter, the Epiphany of our Lord Catholic Church invites all WHCA members to attend solemn vespers on Saturday, November 19, in the old church building,  followed by a reception and tour of the new church.  The church requests that we provide a count of attendees to them by November 15, so please RSVP to Kristin Haynes by midnight Monday, November 14.

Thank you President McCurry for serving as WHCA Coordinator with the church representatives and project managers during the construction of the new church at the Epiphany Byzantine Catholic Church.  Ed has done a fantastic job of keeping our Association informed.  

Thank you to Loretta Rowe for keeping our WHCA website up to date!

A huge thank you to Loretta Rowe for keeping our WHCA website current and informative.  

Woodburn Recipes

Southern Pecan Pie (From the Great State of Mississippi)

Submitted by Daniel and Young Pritchard


9 inch Pie Shell Thawed (usually comes two to a package so I always make two, but the following is recipe for one pie)

1 Cup of White Sugar

½ Cup of Karol Syrup

¼ Cup Melted Butter/Margarine ½ stick

  • Beat together till creamy

Add 3 Eggs

1 tsp vanilla

Pinch of Salt

  • Keep Beating

Now add 1 to 1 ½ cups of chopped Pecans

Pour into one of your Pie Shells

Preheat your oven to 400

Bake @ 400 for about 10 minutes

  • Take a cold pie shell with the center cut out, put on top around the rim. Reduce the heat to 350, bake for 30 to 35 minutes or until set in center (check by shaking a bit to see if set) ** You might also want to put oven liner in bottom of oven just in case you have drips. Let cool @ room temperature for several hours.

Join or Renew Membership!!!

You can join or renew membership in the Woodburn Homes Civic Association by sending your name, address, email address and phone number, along with your $15.00 per household annual dues, to:

Richard Morris

8413 Hayden Lane, Annandale, VA 22003-1126

Reminder:  2011 Annual Dues were due in April, 2011.

Make check payable to:   Woodburn Homes Civic Association

Neighborhood Directory 

When you send your dues to the Treasurer Richard Morris, please let Richard know if you are okay with including your name and address, etc., in the next neighborhood directory.

Welcoming and Helping Our Neighbors

All WHCA residents please let Ernestine Hall know if you know or hear of new

neighbors or anyone who needs any type of assistance (such as a ride to the doctor, or the grocery store or pharmacy for medication, etc.)  Ernestine will try to help or find a neighborhood volunteer.

Ernestine has been great in organizing assistance!  Thanks Ernestine!

Also, please let Ernestine know if you would be willing to help in such situations. You can email her at:


For Police Emergencies, Call 911 For Non emergencies, Call 703-691-2131

Starting a Home Project?     Need Help around the House or Yard?

Want to Pass on A Referral?

WHCA has a Neighborhood Referrals Database!

What better way to help each other than to use the Association to share contractors you recommend.

If you have any recommendations or cautions please send them to anyone on the WHCA Council.  The database will be posted on the WHCA website and will include referrals, etc.

The following have been recommended (or not) by our neighbors.

Please note:  The WHCA does not officially promote or criticize contractors.

Ernestine Hall recommends The Capital Discount Fuel Company in Purcellville, Virginia for home heating oil.115 East Main Street, Purcellville, Va.  20132 Telephone  703-978-6400

Maria Mitchell highly recommends Pier Professional Painting (Bill Pier) who can be reached at: 703-402-2857.  Maria notes he is generally booked far in advance.
Kristin Haynes had her almost 20 year old lawn mower serviced and recommends this company as reasonable and great, quick service:   Branch Grigg Small Engine Service and Repair. Near Woodburn ES. Mark 703-560-3317.

Excellent job of installing heating/air conditioning.  Scott Bailey at Lanark Mechanical 703-489-7944.  Highly Recommended by Loretta and Mike Rowe.

Brian’s Home Services for gutter cleaning 703-505-6153.  Recommended by Joyce Mcphee at 703-560-5382.

CertaPro Painters of Arlington (located in Annandale) for house painting.  1-800-462-3782.  Recommended by Joyce Mcphee at 703- 560-5382.

Randy McKeen ( for electrical work.  703-914-0044. Recommended by Joyce Mcphee at 703-560-5382.

Excellent House Cleaning on occasional or routine basis.  Sabina Carrera 703-583-7509.  Recommended by Carol Russell 703- 573-1124.

Excellent General Contractor (drywall, painting, tile, bathrooms, plumbing, electrical, cabinetry) Alan Schottroffe 540-869-6390 or 540-533-7467.  Recommended by Mark Russell 703-573-1124

Quality Electric Services at 703-642-1880.   Recommended by Ed and Betty McCurry. 703-560-2262


Ross Tree Service at  703-583-8733.  Recommended by Ed and Betty McCurry 703-560 2262

A neighbor cautions using SkyeBuilders for remodeling.  Seems the work wasn’t right and they didn’t return to fix the problem.



> • Babysitting Services.
> Kelly Haynes
> Red Cross Certified Babysitter

> • Pet Sitting Services
> Nicole Haynes
> Pet Sitter


Service & Replacements

Call Scott Bailey at Lanark Mechanical


Email address is:

Website is:

Woodburn Homes Civic Association Meeting

October 24, 2011


The fall meeting, held at Epiphany Byzantine Catholic Church, was called to order at 7:30pm by Ed McCurry, President.

In addition to the Officers listed below, 16 members attended the meeting.

Officers present were:

President Ed McCurry

Vice President Loretta Rowe

Treasurer Richard Morris

Secretary Carol Russell

Area Representative Kristin Haynes

The President distributed the meeting agenda and made a call for additional agenda items; no items were added.

The minutes from the July, 2011 meeting were presented, reviewed, and accepted.

Richard Morris initiated the 50-50 raffle.  Michael Rowe suggested that the winner be required to keep the proceeds instead of the traditional donation.

Richard Morris gave the Treasurer’s report, announcing that $676.84 is in the WHCA Treasury.   He has paid the membership dues to the Providence Council and two donations were made in 2011:

  1. to the Epiphany Byzantine Catholic Church for the use of church facilities for meeting space over the past year and,
  2. to the Falls Church High School for the All Night Graduation Party.

With respect to Correspondence, President McCurry noted that WHCA sent a letter to the Byzantine Church thanking them for adding three lights to Woodburn Road.

President McCurry announced that the new church dedication is scheduled for Sunday, November 20.  On November 19, the Church will ring and test the church bells.  Mr. McCurry added that if folks are interested, he will request a tour of the new church.

President McCurry then introduced new neighbors Rob and Karen Skelton who are moving to 3421 Beverly Road by the end of October.

Mr. McCurry gave a report on the Providence District Council meeting which he attended on September 20.  The meeting presented information on land use awareness and procedures for making changes to land use and zoning.   Ed passed around the Providence newsletter article about land use regulations.

Treasurer Richard Morris suggested that the Treasury be tapped to purchase new neighborhood signs and Jeanne Midgett volunteered to look into the types and costs of new signs.

Secretary Carol Russell advised that the November newsletter submission will be due on November 5.  Mr. McCurry suggested a call for recipes to be included in the next issue.

Kristin Haynes, Area Coordinator and Chair of the Social Committee, presented ideas on neighborhood outings, including Providence Players theater outings and the upcoming Auntie Mame theater production.  There was acknowledgement of how much fun the summer picnic was this year, organized by Kristin and held at the cul de sac on Beverly Drive.

Carol Russell suggested a holiday caroling party; the idea received a rousing reception.  Kristin Haynes added that it would be nice to have someone provide refreshments after the caroling.  Loretta Rowe said she could lend caroling song sheets for the evening.

Kristin Haynes announced it is time to plan the Holiday Party.  The Social Committee is looking for someone to open their home as host.

Ernestine Hall reported on the Welcome Committee, saying there are no neighbors in need of assistance at the present time.  Ernestine acknowledged the new neighbors, the Skeltons.

President McCurry gave the status of Byzantine Church construction, saying they are in the final stages with landscaping and repaving planned for the upcoming weeks.

Mr. McCurry presented the status of the neighborhood traffic calming study.  He reminded members that the Council sent a letter to Supervisor Smyth asking for an evaluation of traffic on Hayden, Taylor, Knox, and Beverly.  Supervisor Smyth’s office has been in touch with both Ed and the Department of Transportation, requesting the study in the October, 2011 timeframe.  President McCurry said the traffic study has not yet begun but he is hopeful it will begin soon.

Mr. McCurry thanked Carol Russell for working with Fairfax County to remove vegetation that was covering the neighborhood STOP signs.  Carol asked if anyone sees any neighborhood STOP signs that are covered to call her and she will follow-up with the county.

Cathy Kokkinis said there are cars still parking on Knox Road in front of her house.  Carol Russell advised if the cars are parking illegally she should call the police.  Carol added that if they are in the legal areas, Cathy could ask the county to widen the no parking area.

Anne Hawkins asked about the area near the church construction and Ed McCurry replied he believes the church will provide a full restoration and if not, he will make some calls.

Ed McCurry asked Mike Rowe to report on the planning meeting they both attended regarding the recent INOVA variance request.  Mike reported that INOVA plans to build a high rise parking garage on Woodburn Road.  He added that plans are in place to widen Gallows Road in certain sections; install a new traffic light on Woodburn Road; and, to eventually move the Woodburn mental health facility to the north end of the Fairfax Hospital campus, near Williams Drive.

Nan Bradley announced that Exxon Mobil may be moving to Texas.

President MCurry thanked Loretta Rowe for her continuing support of the WHCA website and her reports on the HOT lanes.

Treasurer Richard Morris finalized the 50-50 raffle.  Kristin Haynes was the winner.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.