Article I. Name and Purpose

Section 1: The name of this association shall be known as the WOODBURN HOMES CIVIC ASSOCIATION

Section 2: The purpose of the association is to organize a representative group of people in pursuing the following objectives:

a. To promote organized community interest and action in local affairs.

b. To promote community interest in the continuous improvement and maintenance of roads and public utilities within the Woodburn Homes area.

c. To maintain the rural character of the community within the Woodburn Homes area; specifically by petitioning and by other legal means; limiting zoning to a minimum of R-1 type lots (one dwelling unit/acre) for single family residences.

Article II. Membership

Section 1: Membership in the Association is open to all residents of the Woodburn Homes as described in Article V of these by-laws, who are over the age of eighteen (18) years.

Section 2: Dues of the Association are $15.00 per residence per year.

Section 3: Members of a single family dwelling residing in the Woodburn Homes area are members of the association upon the payment of dues specified in Section 2 of this article and shall be known as members in good standing. However, voting shall be restricted to two votes per residence.

Section 4: New members to the area may become members in good standing upon payment of dues.

Article III. Council

Section 1: The Council of the Association shall be composed of elected officers as identified in Article IV.

Section 2: The Council shall be vested with the general power to supervision over the affairs of the Association, which power shall include: the authority to direct the activities of the several officers, to establish internal administrative procedures, to devise association policies, propose association projects and programs, and to see to the accomplishment of theAssociation’s objectives, subject always to the restrictions and limitations imposed by law and as contained within these by-laws.

Section 3: In matters where the opinion of the Association is to be represented to outside groups, persons, interests or agencies, a vote of three-fifths of the Council shall prevail.

Article IV. Officers

Section 1: The officers of the Association shawl be known as President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Area Representative Coordinator.

Section 2: Duties of Officers:

a. President – The President shall supervise the affairs of the Association, preside at all meetings of the Association and the Council, and shall perform such other duties as pertain to his office.

b. Vice President – The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, perform the duties of the President, otherwise shall serve as his assistant in the general supervision of the affairs of the Association.

c. Secretary – The Secretary shall record the proceedings of the Association and shall be responsible for the custody of the official copies of the Original By-Laws, assuring that amendments, revisions, additions and/or changes thereto are promptly and properly affixed and recorded. The Secretary shall also be custodian of all other official records of the Association unless otherwise specifically provided. The Secretary shall attend to all correspondence of the Association and shall maintain a file of same.

d. Treasurer – The Treasurer shall be responsible for all monies collected and shall record all transactions and maintain an up-to-date record of all receipts and expenditures of the Association. The Treasurer shall also make a financial

report to the members at each regular meeting.

e. Area Representative Coordinator – The Area Representative Coordinator shall maintain communication with the area representatives as may be delegated and notify the President of any community problems arising from such communications which may require consideration and action by the Council and/or Association, and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the President.

Article V. Area Defined

Section 1: For the purpose of area representation in the Association and Council, Woodburn Homes is divided as shown in the Association map kept on file by the Secretary of the Association showing the boundary and the areas of the Woodburn Homes Civic Association. Other sections may be included as new constructions are developed and meet the requirements specified in objectives of Article I.

Article VI. Meeting

Section 1: Regular meetings of the Association shall be held on the last Monday of January, April, July, and October each year.

Section 2: The April meeting shall be the selected month for the Annual Membership Meeting of the Association, at which time the annual dues shall be collected.

Section 3: Special meetings may be called by the President or by a three-fifths majority of the Council.

Section 4: A quorum necessary for the transaction of any business shall consist of 10 members in good standing in the Association or 25 percent of the members in good standing, whichever is less.

Section 5: Majority agreement of those present shall prevail on ordinary business of the Association.

Section 6: Except as otherwise provided by these By-Laws, “Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, 10th ed. (Cambridge, Mass.: Perseus Publishing, 2000) shall govern the procedure of the meeting of the Association and the Council.

Article VII. Representation of the Association

Section 1: No person or persons shall represent the Association in any matter unless duly authorized by the Council, by By-Laws, or by resolution of the members in the particular matter of representation.

Section 2: No document shall represent the views of the Association on any matter unless signed by the President, Secretary, or other officers in their absence and complies with requirements of Article III, Section 3, of these By-Laws.

Article VIII. Audit of Accounts and Finances

Section 1: An audit shall be made of the financial and property accounts of the Treasurer prior to the Annual Meeting.

a. The audit shall be conducted by a committee appointed by the Council.

b. The audit report shall be read at the Annual Meeting.

Section 2: The President may authorize routine or administrative expenditures not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100.00) per transaction.

Section 3: The Council may for the same purpose of in furtherance of Association approved projects, by a three-fifths vote, authorize expenditures not to exceed two hundred dollars ($200.00).

Section 4: Expenditures in excess of two hundred dollars ($200.00) must be approved by a majority vote of the members present at a duly convened meeting of the Association.

Section 5: No expenditure may be authorized in excess of funds in the Treasury.

Article IX. Elections

Section 1: The Officers are elected annually at the Annual Membership Meeting.

Section 2: A nominating committee composed of the President and Area Representative Coordinator shall submit a slate comprising at least one nominee for each elected office. Nominations from the floor will be in order providing consent of the nominee has been obtained. Any member in good standing is eligible for election to any office.

Article X. Amendments

Section 1: Amendments to the Association By-Laws may be made provided:

a. Any member in good standing may propose an amendment to the Council.

b. Three-fifths of the Council must approve any amendment prior to submission to the general membership of the Association

c. A two-thirds majority of the members present shall be necessary for adoption of any amendment.