August 2014

Woodburn Homes Civic Association Newsletter  August 2014

Our Tax Money At Work!

Following is a list of the work that VDOT and Fairfax County have accomplished at the request of the WHCA Council in 2014.


  1. Put up “no parking” signs along Woodburn Road shoulder across from entrance to INOVA Fairfax Hospital on Wellness Boulevard.
  2. Repaired Woodburn Road shoulder east of Wellness Boulevard.
  3. Cleaned up debris and planted grass on Woodburn Road shoulder east of Wellness Boulevard.
  4. Repaired pothole on Beverly Drive.
  5. Trimmed trees at blind curve where Woodburn Road meets Tobin Road.
  6. Fixed water drainage problem at house on Taylor Lane.

Pending:  VDOT will assess the need for repaving of WHCA neighborhood roads during 2014 and will publish a list of highest priority repaving needs in 2015. The WHCA Council will continue to monitor this process to help ensure that our neighborhood roads are maintained in good condition.

Miss Utility’s Color Codes

Ever wonder about paint marks on your street?

Chances are it’s from one of our utility companies.

The following chart provides the colors used when utilities or contractors are working on your street:



Social Committee News by Kristin Haynes

Please contact Kristin Haynes at if you have any ideas for new neighborhood social events or to volunteer to host any social event.

WHCA Annual End of Summer Social – Picnic 2014

On SEPTEMBER 6, 2014 (Saturday) at 5PM, ALL Woodburn Homes Civic Association (WHCA) members and neighbors are invited to attend the annual WHCA picnic to be held in the cul de sac at the south end of Beverly Drive.

For the picnic, WHCA will provide hot dogs, hamburgers and soft drinks. Those attending are asked to bring a dish (salads, desserts, etc.) to share, their own chairs, and BYOB.

Please RSVP by September 2 (Tuesday) to Kristin Haynes at whcaareacoordinator@ or 703-698-5484. Flyers inviting everyone to the WHCA 2014 picnic were distributed throughout the neighborhood.

Annual National Night Out Celebration 2014

On August 5, 2014, a lively group of WHCA neighbors met at the corner of Hayden and Knox at 7:30pm for a leisurely walk through the neighborhood to celebrate National Night Out. They joined over 37.8 million neighbors across 16,124 communities to promote neighborhood camaraderie by strolling along community streets.

National Night Out was started in 1984 by Matt Peskin, the Executive Director of the National Association of Town Watch, as a way of increasing community cohesiveness, promoting police and community partnerships, and reducing crime. National Night Out represents the kind of spirit, energy and determination demonstrated by people who want to help make their neighborhoods a safer place to live year round.

Oral History Archives of Civil Rights Movement

In July 2014, Congressman Gerald E. Connolly (D-11th District of VA) formally unveiled at George Mason University, the creation of a digital archive of oral histories and documents detailing personal stories that propelled the United States eventually to pass and implement the 1964 Civil Rights Act. To commemorate in 2014 the 50-year anniversary of the passing of the Civil Rights Act, Congressman Connolly, who spearheaded this oral history project, stated that, “For the past year my office has recorded over fifty hours of video interviews for a Civil Rights Archive about the memories of our fellow-Northern Virginians, who worked so courageously to end segregation in our region.”

The Archive doesn’t provide a solution for our still existing racial discrimination and economic problems. It doesn’t try to directly correlate each act of resistance to landmark laws or policy changes. It simply demonstrates the small journeys that make up the American experience that added up, provides testimony to an inspirational story of a time when the fortitude, blood and extraordinary sacrifice of thousands of ordinary people forced a nation to change.

Our WHCA neighbor, Mrs. Avonjeannette Hill, and her niece worked with Congressman Connolly to help create the Civil Rights Archive of stories about the pursuit of desegregation in Northern Virginia. Some of Mrs. Hill’s memories were included in the May 2014 WHCA Newsletter, and our community is grateful to her and others for their contribution to this important historical record.

The Civil Rights Digital Archive of oral history and documents may be located on the Web sites of the Library of Congress, George Mason University, and the library systems for Prince William and Fairfax Counties.

Endowment Created for Duquesne University’s McAnulty College of Liberal Arts in Honor of Irma A. Jones, Alumna

[NOTE: Irma was the beloved wife of over 22 years of Richard Morris, who is a former WHCA President and Treasurer. As a husband and wife team, Richard and Irma have been very active neighborhood residents and participants in many community activities.]

In memory of Irma A. Jones, an endowed gift of $25,000 has been donated to Duquesne University’s McAnulty College of Liberal Arts. Irma Jones graduated from Duquesne in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice.  After serving as a Paralegal for over 15 years with Legal Services of Northern Virginia and over 18 years at the TV program “America’s Most Wanted”, Irma succumbed following a 10 year battle to Breast Cancer on August 5, 2013 at the age of 43. She was committed to her family, friends, her community, and the people she served every day. Through her outgoing personality, she exemplified leadership, initiative, self-discipline, organization and service, and in turn was greatly loved and respected by so very many.

Administered by the Dean of McAnulty College of Liberal Arts, the gift, officially titled the Irma A. Jones Endowed Student Resource Fund will in perpetuity be used to annually award financial support to help defray ancillary educational expenses, such as books, lab fees, travel or other educational expenses, to a student enrolled in the Criminal Justice concentration of the college’s Sociology degree program who otherwise meets the need requirements.

The Irma A. Jones Endowed Student Resource Fund was established in 2014 to provide students with the opportunity to pursue higher education, to enhance their future, and to improve society as a whole. If you have any questions about the fund, please contact Dean, McAnulty College of Liberal Arts or  Should you wish to donate to this fund please visit, for more information.


Fairfax County Approved Funds for Full-Day Mondays at 

Elementary Schools

Ending a 40-year practice of half-day Mondays, the Fairfax County School Board voted to fund a plan to extend Monday classes for elementary schools, adding an extra 75 hours of instruction for students in kindergarten through sixth grade.

The Board voted unanimously to spend $7.6 million to fund the plan, which had been approved in late June 2014. The funding came from $38 million in leftover or “carryover” money from the prior year’s budget, the result of budgeted funds that officials did not spend. Each year, the school system revisits the budget to identify leftover money that can be used at the School Board’s discretion for future projects.

Join or Renew WHCA Membership

You can join or renew membership in the Woodburn Homes Civic Association by sending your name, address, email address and phone number, along with your $15.00 per household annual dues, to:

Jeanne Midgett

3413 Beverly Drive, Annandale, VA,  22003-1110

Reminder:  Dues are collected annually at the April WHCA meeting; however, payment of dues is welcome any time during the year.

Make check payable to:   Woodburn Homes Civic Association

Welcoming and Helping Our Neighbors

All WHCA residents,  please let Ernestine Hall at  know if you hear of new neighbors or anyone who needs any type of assistance (such as a ride to the doctor, the grocery store, or pharmacy for medication, etc.)  Ernestine will try to help or find a neighborhood volunteer.

Also, please let Ernestine know if you would be willing to help in such situations. You can email her at:

WHCA Website

Thank you to Loretta Rowe for efforts to keep our WHCA website up to date! And, a special thanks to Joe Loudon for volunteering to help with updates to the WHCA website.

Starting a Home Project?     Need Help around the House or Yard?

Want to Pass on a Referral?


What better way to help each other than to use the Association to share contractors you recommend.  If you have any recommendations , please send them to the WHCA Newsletter Editor.  The following have been recommended by our neighbors.

Please note:  WHCA does not officially promote or criticize contractors.

Sergio Ayala and family for lawn maintenance. They do several lawns in the neighborhood and are very dependable. They also remove leaves in the Fall and do landscaping. Phone: 703-981-9060. Highly recommended by Jeanne Midgett.

Randy Carroll, who grew up in Camelot neighborhood, at Rimble Landscaping for lawn service. Phone: 703-527-6950. They have done lots of extra work and are awesome! Highly recommended by Mimi Harris (3537 Woodburn Road).

JL Tree Service, Inc., Fairfax, VA, 703-359-4444,, serving Northern & Fairfax, VA, MD, and Washington ,DC since 1975. Certified arborists provide tree removal, tree pruning, tree trimming & cutting, and 24 hour emergency tree service.  Recommended by Randy and Jess Fulk at 8300 Taylor Lane, who contacted JL Tree Service to remove 3 trees from their yard due to proximity to the house, and commented that JL Tree Service did an excellent job, was very cost competitive and followed-up to ensure satisfaction with their work.

Jim Hughes of MAILBOXXPRESS at delivers quality service and mailboxes at most reasonable prices! Recommended by Michael and Loretta Rowe.

Need your Gutters Cleaned?  Call Jose Landscaping, 571-594-6630.  Recommended by Mark Russell (703- 573-1124).  Nan Bradley recently called Jose to clean the gutters on her house and was also very pleased.

Woodburners Chimney Sweep and Repair, LLC, 8975 Miles Place Manassas, Va.  20110,  571-379-4820.  Recommended by Nelson Hall.

Capital Discount Fuel Company in Purcellville, Virginia, for home heating oil, 115 East Main Street, Purcellville, Va.  20132 ,  703-978-6400. Recommended by Ernestine Hall.

Excellent General Contractor (drywall, painting, tile, bathrooms, plumbing, electrical, cabinetry) Alan Schottroffe 540-869-6390 or 540-533-7467.  Recommended by Mark Russell (703-573-1124) and Michael and Loretta Rowe.

Maria Mitchell highly recommends Pier Professional Painting (Bill Pier), who can be reached at: 703-402-2857.  Maria notes he is generally booked far in advance.
Kristin Haynes had her almost 20 year old lawn mower serviced and recommends this company as reasonable and great, quick service:   Branch Grigg Small Engine Service and Repair. Near Woodburn Elementary School.   Mark Griggs: 703-560-3317.  Also, highly recommended by Michael and Loretta Rowe.

Excellent job of installing heating/air conditioning.  Scott Bailey at Lanark Mechanical, 703-489-7944,  Recommended by Loretta and

Michael Rowe.

Brian’s Home Services for gutter cleaning, 703-505-6153.  Recommended by

Joyce Mcphee (703-560-5382).

CertaPro Painters of Arlington (located in Annandale) for house painting,

1-800-462-3782.  Recommended by Joyce Mcphee (703- 560-5382).

Excellent House Cleaning on occasional or routine basis.  Sabina Carrera, 703-583-7509.  Recommended by Carol Russell (703- 573-1124).

Quality Electric Services at 703-642-1880.   Recommended by Ed and Betty McCurry  (703-560-2262).


Ross Tree Service at 703-583-8733.  Recommended by Ed and Betty McCurry

(703-560- 2262).



• Babysitting Services
Nicole Haynes
• Pet Sitting Services
Nicole Haynes


Service & Replacements

Call Scott Bailey at Lanark Mechanical


Email address is:

Website is:

Woodburn Homes Civic Association (WHCA) Meeting

July 28, 2014

Proposed Minutes for Approval at Oct. 27, 2014 Meeting

The summer WHCA meeting, held at Epiphany Byzantine Catholic Church, was called to order at 7:35pm by Carol Russell, President.

In addition to the 5 officers listed below, 16 members attended the meeting, for a total of 21 attendees. (This was the most well-attended WHCA quarterly meeting in recent memory.)

Officers present were:

President Carol Russell

Vice President Loretta Rowe

Secretary Anna Fotias

Treasurer Jeanne Midgett

Area Representative Kristin Haynes

Carol Russell, President, distributed the meeting agenda, which was accepted as proposed.  A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the previous April 28, 2014 WHCA meeting minutes, which had also been distributed. President Russell thanked Secretary Anna Fotias for production of the quarterly meeting minutes and reported that WHCA Council members met on July 16, 2014 to prepare for this July 28 WHCA meeting.

The President then asked for the Officers’ reports, provided as follows:

Vice-President Loretta Rowe mentioned that Thomas Ray Pritchard, the son of our neighbors Dan and Young Pritchard (Beverly Drive), died on July 10, 2014. She noted that individual neighbors have provided baked goods and expressed their condolences to the Pritchard family. Also, Treasurer Jeanne Midgett, who lives next door to the Pritchards, purchased a Honey Baked ham for the family on behalf of their neighbors in the WHCA community.

Treasurer Jeanne Midgett reported there is $951.64 in the WHCA Treasury as of July 28, 2014.  This is the balance after payment of $46.11 to Staples for costs of printing copies of the agenda, prior meeting minutes and the WHCA Directory for distribution at this meeting. She also mentioned that WHCA has received letters of thanks from both Falls Church High School and the Epiphany Byzantine Catholic Church for WHCA’s annual donation of $75.00 each to Falls Church High School for their All Night Graduation Party and to the Epiphany Byzantine Catholic Church for providing WHCA meeting space.

Secretary Anna Fotias, as WHCA Newsletter editor, reported that the deadline for submission of materials for publication in the next Newsletter is August 15, 2014.  She requested that members consider submitting their articles of community interest and any recommendations for contractors and service providers to help make the Newsletter as informative as possible. Distribution of the next Newsletter is scheduled to occur at the end of August.

Area Representative Coordinator, Kristin Haynes reported on upcoming WHCA social activities.  The neighborhood walk in observance of National Night Out is on Tuesday, August 5 from 7pm – 8pm with neighbors to meet at the corner of Hayden and Knox. This year’s annual WHCA summer picnic will be held on Saturday, September 6 with specific time and location to be determined and announced at a later date.

Ernestine Hall, who is the coordinator for welcoming and providing assistance to community residents, reported that she was not aware of any neighbors’ requests for assistance.  She requested that if anyone knows of a neighbor who may need some help to contact her by telephone or e-mail.

President Russell then introduced Jeff and Lisa Plummer, our new neighbors at 3438 Beverly Drive, who are a Navy family relocating this July to our area from Guam. They have twin 16 yr. old daughters, who will be attending Falls Church High School. Jeff and Lisa have already joined WHCA and were attending their first WHCA meeting on July 28. We are very pleased to welcome them to our community. Also, another long-time neighbor, Luz Martinez (Hayden Lane), who attended the July 28 meeting and joined WHCA, was welcomed.

Follow up items from last meeting included:

  • Woodburn Road Parking and Shoulder Repair. President Russell confirmed that VDOT has completed repair of the ruts and clean up of the trash along the shoulder of Woodburn Road (before the entrance to INOVA Fairfax Hospital going towards Gallows Road) where they recently installed no parking signs. Also they have repaired the pothole on Beverly Drive.
  • Truck with attached Snow Plow Parked on Street at end of Hayden has been Removed. The neighbor has removed his truck with snow plow attached from on street parking along Hayden Lane.
  • Trees Trimmed at Blind Curve where Woodburn Road meets Tobin. President Russell contacted VDOT to request that pine tree branches be trimmed along the Woodburn Road curve before the traffic light at Tobin so that drivers attempting to make a left hand turn onto Tobin can see on-coming cars. (VDOT trimmed these pine trees by early August, and drivers can now make a safer left hand turn from Woodburn Road onto Tobin.)
  • Schedule of Street Repaving in our Neighborhood. As follow-up to a request at our October WHCA meeting for VDOT’s schedule of street repaving, President Russell requested that VDOT evaluate our neighborhood roads to determine if they are eligible for repaving. She reported that VDOT informed her they will conduct an assessment for road repairs this summer. Our neighborhood streets could be placed in line for repaving in 2015 based on this assessment and on the existing budget. WHCA will monitor VDOT’s assessment and scheduling process and provide updates when available.
  • Rain Water Drainage Problem on Taylor Lane. At WHCA’s October meeting, Randy Fulk (Taylor Lane) asked for advice on whether VDOT would install a drainage pipe under his drive way or on the street to fix a rain water drainage problem onto his property. As follow-up, both Randy Fulk and President Russell contacted VDOT, and VDOT installed a mini-speed bump at the end of his driveway, which diverts rain water from his lawn and has helped to fix the water drainage problem.

The following was reported under Community News and Updates:


  • INOVA Fairfax Hospital Road Construction. President Russell reported that the start of Fairfax INOVA Hospital plans for road construction in our neighborhood, the status of which was reported at our October WHCA meeting, has been postponed until September 2014.
  • Update on Fairfax County Schools Changing Start Times. Kristin Haynes reported that half-day Mondays in Fairfax County elementary schools have been eliminated, which will add extra hours of instruction time for students in kindergarten through sixth grade. This change was prompted by the extension of the end of this past school year due to school closings from winter inclement weather. Also, Fairfax County high schools are considering starting later in the morning, 8am or later (as opposed to the current 7:20am start),  to give teenagers more sleep time. If approved by the School Board, implementation of the new start time for Fairfax County high schools would not occur until the Fall 2015.
  • WHCA Membership Directory Distributed. Copies of the WHCA Membership Directory, containing names, mailing addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of WHCA members, who have given their permission to be included in the Directory, were distributed at the July 28, 2014 WHCA meeting.
  • No News on Exxon Mobil Property Sale.  President Russell reported that there is no new information on potential buyers or new tenants for Exxon Mobil’s 117 acre campus, which was officially put up for sale in November 2013.  This land still remains zoned for corporate use only with an option for a hotel, and not for residential or medical facility use.  WHCA will continue to monitor and report on what impact a new buyer/tenant of the Exxon Mobil property could have on our community.
  • Trash Companies. Secretary Anna Fotias reported on the availability of AAA/Republic Services Trash Company’s special price offer for new customers only who agree to a 3-year contract with fixed rates that are lower than the current American Disposal Company’s price for the same trash pick-up services. Information on AAA/Republic’s special offer and person to contact for further information was distributed. Quinta Seida commented that it would lessen the number of trash trucks in our neighborhood if all neighbors would agree to contract with one trash company. On the other hand, Anna Fotias pointed out that having two trash companies competing for our business helps keep the costs down.

The following was reported under Public Comments/Concerns:


  • Larry Binner commented that he has noticed many more utility street markings throughout our neighborhood, for example, blue markings for water lines and yellow for gas. He wondered if anyone knew of reasons, such as maybe Fios intentions to install underground cables, for these increased street utility markings. President Russell indicated she would try to find out and would report on any findings. Also, Larry Binner offered to donate strips of reflective tape to those neighbors wishing to attach a strip of reflective tape to their trash cans. He agreed to distribute these strips of reflective tape at the WHCA summer picnic on September 6 for as long as his supply lasts.
  • Irene VanSlyke asked if anyone knew who purchased Jack Butts’ house on Beverly Drive. Jack Butts, a long-time resident, died earlier this year, and his heirs had put the house up for sale. We noticed a “Sold” sign has appeared on the house, but no one at our July 28 meeting had any information on the purchaser.
  • Bill Corfitzen noted that he needed to replace his damaged mailbox recently and that he contacted Jim Hughes of MAILBOXXPRESS, who was recommended on WHCA’s Neighborhood Referrals Database. He was very pleased with the installation of his new mailbox and highly recommends this service provider.
  • Ernestine Hall announced a new arrival to our neighborhood. Brian and Diane Williams (Hayden Lane) are the proud parents of an 8 lb. 15 oz. baby girl, who was born on Monday, July 28, 2014.  Parents and their son Jacob are excited about this new addition to their family.

President Russell adjourned the meeting at 7:55pm. (This 20-minute WHCA meeting may be the shortest on record!)  Coffee and desserts, provided by Council members, were enjoyed by attendees, who remained to socialize for almost an hour. (This ratio of meeting time to socializing time seems right to us.) Our next Association meeting is scheduled for October 27, 2014 at 7:30pm in the Byzantine Catholic Church’s social hall basement.

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