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Next Quarterly Meeting, Monday, October 30

Deadline for submissions for next WHCA Newsletter, September 14.  Please send articles, ideas, ads, photos, recipes, etc. to Josh Goodman at jgoodman929@yahoo.com


Thanks to the Wilkinsons for so graciously hosting our annual picnic.  Once again they welcomed all to their beautiful deck, yard and pool!  Anna tended to everyone’s comfort and enjoyment,  Keith cooked the burgers and hot dogs to perfection (with the capable help of Mark Russell), and Steven both guarded and entertained the children —  the gales of laughter never stopped! And we thank Kristin Haynes for once again organizing and doing all of the shopping for this social event and to the Russlls for their assistance in the final setup and party preparations! And to all the attendees for helping to make this a friendly community of fun and fellowship!!!!

Check out the International Dark Sky Association at  http://www.darksky.org  and learn lots more about light pollution, especially if you are a lover of the rapidly vanishing fireflies — these have always been one of the delights of childhood! And check out some other links under Environmental Resources under “Helpful Resources”